Evaluation of Tech Project in Minecraft




















Recently in minecraft, we have been creating a theme park. Our theme park is composed of many different sections, such as the “UnderwaterWorld” section (just came up with that name) and the “HorrorWorld” section (also just thought of that) the “AntarcticWorld” (see previous bracket) section and the “OverworldUnderworld(see previous bracket)These sections together form “7CLand ” (see previous bracket). This theme park is made entirely for the purpose so people can have fun. This project was constructed over the cource of 8 weeks, but was designed and planned about for around 7 weeks before that. This project  was made to see if Minecraft, a computer game made and designed by Mojang AB, can be used in an educational way (in other words, not using mine craft for gaming when one are not supposed to). My structures (Lighthouse, and Hotel) both pass the test below:

  1. Is the structure related to the theme of underwater?

  2. Are there leaks?

  3. Does the structure have a purpose?

  4. does the structure fulfill it’s purpose in the theme park as a _______________?

  5. does it look the part?

  6. is it to scale compared to the other attractions in your theme?

  7. is this appropriate for a theme park?

  8. Does my structure match your plan?

  9. Does my structure convey a mood befitting that of the theme?


The structures made could be improved in many ways. The lighthouse, for example, would look much better without that weird thing on top of it. The hotel would look better if it had a more symmetrical structure or  less leaks which were not made by me. Maybe even lots of airlocks would be good aesthetically, even if it kills everyone who goes out with several tons of water pressure crushing their bones. Then we could have a “Sea of Bones” which sounds rather ominous near the horror section.

Our usage of the design cycle was rather effective in my opinion as we  suceeded in investigating, designing, and creating as a well-oiled machine. At least, our group was. Some other people griefed, destroyed components, and corrupted world files, resulting in the subsequent destruction of 3 valuable structures from 2 different groups. So I would say that everything except the create stage went off without a hitch. But there were numerous problems, resulting in the entire deletion of more than an hour’s work. But considering such hinderances, we did an exceptional job.

Our significant concept is “How we solve problems depends on the conditions of the environment and group dynamics”.  Our “unit question was what does cooperation and collaboration look like”. My answer: somewhat like what we did. Once we mostly finished our stuff


My favorite YouTube tutorial

I think my favorite tutorial is this one. it is about one of my hobbies, and it has some humor included as well. In class, we have been studying tutorials with a template. My version of this with tutorials added was homework. it took 2-3 days to complete. I think that all the others were a little unemotional and one did not speak at all! this was the only one to express humor. I found the “monsters coming out to eat me” part scary but I think that this was quite interesting. I also like this because this was the first minecraft tutorial I ever saw. I have some sentimental attachments to things like that. I find this tutorial to be very useful, even though it  is outdated. right now it is minecraft v1.1 full release. he  made the turorial for minecraft Alpha v1.2.6, which was quite interesting, due to the fact that it works with 1.1.