8C Drama: Persuasive Speeches from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

This is the persuasive speech I did for drama recently. During the speech, I was supposed to work on modulation, physicality, and content. I think I did well on content, as the data contained within was extensively researched. My topic was to persuade people not to build a nuclear reactor on the Yokohama Bluff. Might I make the point that this was simply an project, and was not presented to actual nuclear power companies. My modulation, however was sub-par. My volume and projection resulted in me being virtually unheard by the camera, yet my pacing rendered the presentation easier to understand. My physicality, was somewhat average, as my posture was normal, my palm card use was rather overt, and my facial expression rather bland. My strong points in this presentation lie in the research conducted, and the weak points lie in my vocal modulation.

Drama elevator scene.

my staging of the elevator scene was most certainly not successful. My character was bland, I had literally no idea what the story was about.

I did not use the space in the elevator well. During the scene, I mainly stayed in a single corner, and generally stayed there.

My character generally did not interact with others, mainly because I had no idea what I was supposed to say and what was going on, mainly due to the fact that we did not practice effectively or have anything akin to a script.

My character was most certainly not believable. My character was literally just standing in the corner of an elevator with a bunch of people and was literally doing nothing. Next time, I think that practicing, and not using a chair as a wheelchair would be marvellous

8C Drama: Elevator Scene (2013) from YIS Arts on Vimeo.