Drama elevator scene.

my staging of the elevator scene was most certainly not successful. My character was bland, I had literally no idea what the story was about.

I did not use the space in the elevator well. During the scene, I mainly stayed in a single corner, and generally stayed there.

My character generally did not interact with others, mainly because I had no idea what I was supposed to say and what was going on, mainly due to the fact that we did not practice effectively or have anything akin to a script.

My character was most certainly not believable. My character was literally just standing in the corner of an elevator with a bunch of people and was literally doing nothing. Next time, I think that practicing, and not using a chair as a wheelchair would be marvellous

8C Drama: Elevator Scene (2013) from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

Drama Speech reflections.

7C Drama: Given Topic Speech from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

7C Drama: 1 Min Speeches from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

These are the 2 speeches which I did in drama class. the first one is the topic which I chose out of a few choices, and the second is one I chose on my own. The one I chose out of the choices given is about fashion. The one I chose on my own is about Giant squids. I think my speech about fashion is better because of many things, but mostly because I did not say “umm…” as much. I also think I should improve on not saying umm, and on volume, as I may have been a bit quiet.

7C Drama: Given Topic Speech from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

This speech was incredibly captivating because of the fact that he spoke loud enough so we could hear it, and he brought up some very interesting pieces of data in his speech, also about fashion.

Drama Reflection

In drama, we made a video of a dance we choreographed. here it is:


What we were originally told to improve about it was the fact that it originally was to add rhythm and some music which had something to do with the dance. I think I made the mistake of standing up too early at the end when I thought the dance was over, and I incorrectly assumed that mrs. Erickson had turned off the camera. It ended up with me looking quite silly at the end.

Singing in the rain

This is an video of Gene Kelly “singing in the rain”. I think He made Excellent use of space, especially with the Umbrella which he did not use as an umbrella. I liked the way he closed it in the middle of a downpour. His dancing made the umbrella seem unnecessary for keeping rain off his skull, but his dance focused on that. I also thought that his use of space used most of the street, and that his dancing involved a large amount of his surroundings, such as the way he swung around the lamppost. that swing made excellent use of space and timing. if he timed it wrong, he could have broken his nose. I think that his movements were very precise.

Gene kelly definitely  used his umbrella as an prop when he swung it around in circles in the middle of the road. this was one of the many ways he expressed himself with an umbrella. another way was the way he stood under a gutter and got wet and put the umbrella up after two seconds of being soaked.

Gene kelly putt in a lot of rhythm and and his dancing was often, from what I saw, it was a lot of 8th note steps and dancing. this seemed to be after a quarter note rest. It did not seem like the rhythm we usually see in dances nowadays. I seem to prefer this type of rhythm.

to be honest, This dance was the best I have ever seen. the reason I liked it was because it seemed 100% real.

Drama person reflection

Today (a few days ago, by the time this is fully updated) I make a speech about my uncle marcus. He is very interesting. He often says “Guys…” when he tells people off. I am pretty sure I did the speech a little overtime. I think the content was probably relevant, yet slightly boring. I know for certain that my projection was awful. I also did not have much eye contact. I also think my facial expressions were a little unemotional. I was also a little focused on other things like “does this speech sound stupid or does it sound normal?” to be focused on the speech

Here is the video so you can have fun critisizing and complaining about my speech:

6C Justin Talk 2 from YIS Academics on Vimeo.


Drama talk 1 reflection

6C Justin Talk 1 from YIS Academics on Vimeo.

I am pretty sure that my voice was not loud or projected enough, but I am sure that most of the stuff in my speech was interesting and had important information in it. I am pretty sure I had to look at my notecards far too much. Unfortunately, I have a lot of trouble memorizing things like speeches. I have to rely on notecards a lot. I heard I had almost everything right other than projection of my voice. I need to work on that. I know that I should work on not looking at notecards every 3 seconds.

Drama theatre sports

here are the Theatre sports I was in:

6C Anpanman 1 from YIS Academics on Vimeo.

6C Anpanman 2 from YIS Academics on Vimeo.

I think The “Anpanman gets killed because of popcorn” video was not my best performance. I really need a script before A performance of a play of sorts. I strangely prefer the “One-word-at-a-time-story” was very easy. I have always liked making stories and reading them. I know for certain that I did not do very well during the anpanman episode. I think my voice was a little quiet. The reason I did not do the “Spacejump” thing was because I Had some bad experiences and I am slightly useless at spontaneity. I am not sure I had a lot of imagination in that one. I really think I need to use my imagination more. I am pretty sure I use up a lot of imagination when I daydream during recess and when I make paper models at home. I think I need to release some of that imagination I’ve stockpiled somewhere in my brain. I will need some help for that. I think I was fine in the “One-word-at-a-time-story”. My trick for it was to adjust the grammar a lot. I think my weakness is that I am not spontaneous when I do improv.

Drama Unit 1 improv

Significant Concept: Responding to an external stimulus, one needs to have immediate action where there is a suspension of thought.

Guiding Question: How can I stop hesitating and re-act without thinking?

Summative Task: Improv Theatre Sport
Students will engage in summative Improv Theatre Sport Event. 3 theater sport games will be chosen from 6 theater games practised during the unit. Students are divided in 3 teams. Each student has a sheet with rubric to record the minimum of 2 games joined.

•Be aware of dramatic instinct.
•The importance of the ensemble.

• Making an offer
• Accepting offers
• Giving the stage to others
• Move the action on (advancing)
• Creating a location