When I was caring during field studies

During field studies I was caring when Kosuke was crying and my group (Ian and Tyler) allowed him to  join our room group. I also shared snacks when we got slightly hungry. We all contributed. As said during the “principled” post I forgave Ian and Kosuke after the Canoe incident. I do not want to discuss the incident.

when I was principled during field studies

I am pretty sure I was principled when I get a starbucks drink like Zerric and Tobi and spill it (Tobi spilled it once and Zerric spilled it 3 times). I also took care of the trash after the 2nd bus stop. I also did not intentionally make any trouble (if I did, I’m sorry. I have an awful short-term memory) during canoeing, Ian decided to stand up even though the evergreen guys said not to.  after a while Kosuke did it as well. they then started trying to make me stand up by saying things like they were not going to row unless I stood up. I didn’t. we eventually made it back to camp but it was a while before I forgave them.

What I think about field studies

What I expect to do on field studies, is have fun, and do everything that is on the list of things to do. I think the canoeing will be most fun because, well, I like canoeing. To be honest I do not know about what we will learn. I am really nervous about everything to do with field studies. please look at this photo to see where we will go. I also know that we must collect something to do with nature for english class.