Rokudan koto blog post

Our homework was to write why the koto piece “Rokudan” sounded japanese. Rokudan is a japanese koto song which sounds rather different from  modern koto music, which has large amounts of influence from modern European and American music, such as rock. Rokudan starts out with a slow, easy start, but gradually speeds up to a much faster end. This song is 27 measures long, and is rather interesting. It uses many of the traditional “koto techniques” such as “Shan”, “Sha-Sha”, “Kororin”, and “Ato-Oshi”. These koto techniques are commonly used in most pieces of koto music. What I think makes this song sounds Japanese is the fact that the song uses many parts used in music from japan. The scale used for this music is called “Hirajoshi”. This is a scale consisting of the following notes:  D:G:A:Bb:Eb. This tuning gives the music a darker, more melancholy feeling. I feel this is one of the reasons why Rokudan sounds japanese.