PE Gymnastics project

In PE, We have been doing a gymnastics unit based on floor sequences. We had to choose groups of 4 or 5 to participate in a floor sequence. In our performance (unfortunately I was sick on that day), we used: Cartwheels, Forward rolls, Backward rolls, 2 different partner balances which include spotting, doing a “360” on the vault (Jumping on top and spinning 360 degrees around while you jump off), doing a “180” on the vault (same as 360 but with 180 degrees instead), and rolling on the vault. I think that most of our movements were sequenced, yet flowed slightly. Personally, the skill I found most challenging was learning the cartwheel. It was rather hard since Daiki was the only person in the group who knew how to do a cartwheel, no-one in my family has ever done a cartwheel, and that  I kept doing a roll by accident when I do one. I overcame this challenge by practicing a lot. which is how I try to overcome a lot of problems. The skill I found most enjoyable was rolling over the vault. During practice sessions, we were productive at times, yet at other times we were unproductive, since we were arguing a lot. However, we did manage to improve our performance. If I could change my performance, I would make sure that everyone knew what they were doing beforehand

First day back at Aikido

Today I went back to Aikido class. It has been a 1-month gap between my last class due to aikikai* customs. I usually practice in the aikikai hombu dojo. It is located in higashi-shinjuku which means east-shinjuku in tokyo. merely a 1 hour and 15 minutes train trip involving 2 trains: 1from Motomachi-chyukagai to Shibuya station on the minatomirai line and one from Shibuya station to higashi-shinjuku on the Fukutoshin line. after that, it is a small walk to the Aikikai Hombu Dojo, where you pay a monthly fee and get taught how to throw people around when they attack. it is actually quite fun. you get to learn how to fall over with minimal injury. On average, I fall over in aikido class during practice 15 times a minute.




this is hombu dojo





*the aikikai is an Aikido group. it’s main base is the aikikai hombu dojo, which the main dojo for Aikido.

PE cross country work

Date Location/route Laps Time Feelings
october 5, 2011 Negishi 2 20:22 This cross country run was easier than the second. It felt nice, but unpleasant at the same time.
october 7, 2011 Negishi 2 20:33 This cross country run was slower, even though I did the same things as the first. I still don’t know why.
october 12 Negishi 2 21:31 I think this time it was worse because I walked a little. Now, I feel ashamed of this.
october 14 Negishi 2 20:23 This was an improvement which made me feel great.
november 2 Negishi 2 19:38 I was really really shocked. this was a new personal best. My goal changed to beat 18 minutes.
november 10 Negishi 2 21:46 This became a new personal worst. I felt awful.
Cross Country Day Negishi 2 18:35 I think I made a new personal best. My chest started to hurt a lot. I did not like the “chest aching” part because it was uncomfortable.
During the runs, I almost always felt grumpy and pessimistic. For some unknown reason, the only way to make me even want to run was to persuade myself with penguins. I like penguins. After the run, I felt sort of stressed out to remember my time.
Outcome Goal: My final outcome goal was to beat 18 minutes
Process Goal: My Process goal was Not to walk

I think my score should be: 4/8
The PE teachers say my score should be 2/8

PE cross country day

Today almost everyone ran on cross country day. My place was 46th. I think it was about the same as the last time I did cross country which was 48th and there were more people. I think I will try to do the cross country next year in 18 minutes. Strangely, my chest started to hurt about 3/4 of the way through the run. It felt like my chest was in a hydraulic press during the run. I wonder what it was.

cross country practice 4

This practice was a week ago. my time was 20:23, 1 second later than my best time. My goals have been changed to:

1: complete 2 laps of negishi park in 19 minutes 59 seconds at worst. I personally hope to brake 18 minutes.

2: Complete first goal by not stopping, not walking, and not looking back. In other words, keep a steady pace and ignore others. I wrote the “ignore others” part because other people’s speed is not my concern. It is theirs. My concern is my speed/total time.

1 lap of Negishi park is 1.3 kilometers, however middle school does 2 laps so we run 2.6 kilometers. The time the PE department wants us to run is under 20 minutes. 19 minutes 59 seconds counts, but I want to run faster (see goal 1).