English Poster Reflection

The media fair event is held once a year at Yokohama International School by Grade 10s. This media assignment will allow us to explore different topics and types of media. This was a great opportunity to learn about new topics and text types.


Shishir, a student of Yokohama International School spoke to us about “Captain America Civil War”. Shishir has told me about the things the creator of the movie did to gather audience and what they did to the poster to show us a bit of what is on the movie. He showed this by using 5 different types of text types, Article, Trailer, Poster, Comic, and Movie. All this showed different ways of gathering the audience. Shishir had a very interesting poster. He had followed the color scheme of the movie which is Red and Blue and although some texts were scattered, it was still an organised poster in general.

Rica, a student of Yokohama International School spoke to us about “Black English” and what effect it has on us. She gaves us some examples and one of them was “I has a dream”. “I have a dream” is a famous line said by an African-American but Rica mentioned that if he had used the Black English, he wouldn’t have had as many supporters as he did. Rica had a nice poster. She had shown 5 different types of text types which are Advertisement, Web Q&A, Cartoon, and Tv. All this gave different examples of “Black English”. If she had planned out the space more nicely, the poster would’ve looked nicer but like I said, the content was very interesting and I think I would look out for Black English when I see an African-American around.

Tyler, another student of Yokohama International School spoke to us about “Disney buying Studios” which the content was mostly on Disney buying Starwars. I have learned that he is a huge fan of star wars and had a lot of complaints about Disney buying Star wars. This is because if Disney now owns star wars, they would release the films more frequently which means that the fans wouldn’t need to wait in anticipation. I thought this was interesting because usually, if you like a film, you would want it to come out more frequently but in Tyler’s case, it was the opposite.


Unethical Human Experiments


This experiment to see how fast the radioisotope can travel into the placenta was conducted on more than 20,000 US citizens for over 60 years. This experiment was conducted on disabled people, civilians, patients, pregnant women, etc. An important thing to note here is that these victims were deceived. They weren’t told that this experiment was going to happen. “At the Fernald State School, mentally retarded boys were fed radioactive iron and calcium but consent forms sent to parents didn’t mention radiation.” (Forge)

2-Radioactive-Materials-in-Pregnant-Women-1024x682(The 30 Most Disgusting…..)


According to best psychology degree, researchers were studying how quickly the radioisotope can cross into the placenta. But clear intentions were not told. “It is desired that no document be released which refers to experi­ments with humans and might have adverse effect on public opinion or result in legal suits. Documents cov­ering such work field should be clas­sified `secret’.” (6.1947 AEC Memo…..)


This experiment was very unethical because the experiment has ignored all the victim’s thoughts/feelings. At one point, Radiation Bombs were dropped from the sky endangering all the people that were nearby. Not only that, when the bomb was dropped, the distance of the radiation spreading was not even calculated meaning that the experiment wasn’t well planned. For this whole experiment, the victims included mentally disabled people, civilians, patients, pregnant women, etc. The tests on all these victims were different and the test subjects were victims because they were told lies about what the scientists/researchers would be doing to them. 829 pregnant women were told to drink the vitamin drinks because it could improve the health of the unborn babies. But, it was found out that radioactive irons were mixed into the drinks. “At least seven of the babies later died from cancers and leukemia, and the women themselves experienced rashes, bruises, loss of hair and tooth, and cancer.”

How else could the information have been gathered?

There is no right way to gather the information that was gathered through this experiment. We might’ve been able to get the results when there were other unintentional nuclear accidents but we should not study this topic intentionally because this experiment can result ‘death’.

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presentation reflection

Compared to other speeches I did, this one was easy to show my knowledge because I had the poster to follow. Without my poster, I would’ve had to say everything I wanted to in words but since my poster had visuals and keywords, it was really easy to follow.

What Eddie and I did was divide the parts we have to work on. This way, we each have something specific to work on. But at the last minute, we looked at each other’s work to add on anything if something was missing. This way, everything will be done in detail.













My Presentation Reflection






Peer Pressure PSA

In design class, we have been making PSAs which mine is about Peer Pressure. I chose this topic because a lot of people especially in HS gets in trouble because of peer pressure which is why I want to let other people know that you should always do the right thing.

Through this PSA I wanted to show that there are times where you have to deny your friends requests in situations where your friend is trying to get you to take drugs or alcohol. Also I wanted to show the worst case in peer pressure where the guy dies getting pressured to do something. When I sent my survey to everyone in my grade asking if they got peer pressured before, about 90% said yes. This might not be true because the people that said no were messing around with other questions which is why I think they didn’t take the survey seriously. Anyway with this PSA, I wanted to show that there are a lot of consequences with getting peer pressured, such as, getting suspended at school or even expelled. Which in the worst case, death or injuries. All this will ruin your future. For example, when you get expelled, it will be really hard to get jobs in the future. Also when you get injuries, you will mostly suffer in whatever you do like, walking or doing sports. In my PSA, I also wanted to show that if you get pressured into doing something you don’t want to, most likely, you will regret the fact that you got pressured.

To get people more aware of this problem, I tried to make my PSA about a minute so people won’t get bored of it. Also I wanted to include a slogan so that the PSA will be more powerful. I hope this slogan will always stay in people’s minds reminding them about the slogan whatever they do.

What I wish to change about my PSA is that I could’ve changed the example. I could’ve changed it to something that happens a lot more nowadays like drugs and alcohol. This will be more affective as a PSA because this happens a lot and it might even happen to you soon. Also the affect of actually taking the drugs might be a good example because this will ruin your health which might as well ruin your future. This will fit my design specification which was to make my PSA realistic.


English Book trailer

The book I am recommending is called “The Giver”. The story is about how this young boy, Jonas gets a job which is a receiver. The receiver’s job is to learn the history from the giver who was once a receiver. They do this so that the history will be passed on without anyone suffering. I thought the plot was very interesting and I thought that this might one day happen to us.
This is my book shelf on Shelfari.

2014 goals

In tutor class we have been creating goals to master this semester. We made goals by looking at my strengths and weaknesses which showed what I should improve or what I should focus more on.

  1. Beat my last year’s cross country time
  2. solve most of my computer problems
  3. don’t get distracted by my computer while doing work

To do number one I signed up for cross country and I am planning to run on the weekends. I would feel that i have accomplished it when I am sweating a lot and when I get back home and hear things like nice job. Lastly I would feel accomplished when I feel good and my legs hurt while lying down on bed.

To do number 2, I need to watch tutorials and try to solve a problem I have on my computer first. I need to keep doing this to gain knowledge or technology. I will feel accomplished when I actually fix a problem or I write notes fully and understand them all. Also when I actually use this goal on someone, by that I mean fix someone’s computer, I will feel good once someone says good job or thank you.

To do number 3, I want to only have my computer open when needed. I would like to use my computer as least as possible so that my concentration increase and to not make my eye sight bad. And sometimes I will use my computer when I have time before 10 pm and play games or Skype with my friends. I will feel good when I wake up feeling good not exhausted.

These goals are balanced. What I mean is that the goals are equally divided. For example for goal number 1, if I do this I get fit, for goal number 2, I can gain knowledge and be confident about using computers and lastly for 3, I can gain concentration.