Reflection on Media fair

faIn english we were assigned the task of creating a poster that was based on a topic of choice, we then looked at different perspective and different medias and how they portrayed the topic. These posters were then displayed at the media fair in both Ms. Barbour’s room and Mr. kew’s. This took place on June 8th, which also gave us the opportunity to see our peers work as well.

Sukran: Gender Stereotype



Sukran decided to focus on the whole concept of gender stereotyping. She focused on 5 different types of media: TV commercial, advertisement, disney movie, twitter, and song. She really focused in on sexualization of woman that she fund throughout her 5 sources of media. I found that her most interesting point was her point on the Disney movie, “The Little Mermaid”. She had mentioned the the idea of Ariel giving up her physical appearance to be with a man, also giving up her voice to be with him as well. This idea shows that she has lowered herself so that she could be with a him.




Krysta: Plastic Surgery

13414467_1216681825032857_1517875690_nKrysta’s topic was plastic surgery, this of course being a broader topic. She had looked at 5 different sources as well: debate video, art, meme, magazine, and poster ad. Krysta had made multiple interesting points however, I found the most interesting to be how it helps people with other things besides just their appearance. She had mentioned how celebrities are always accused of plastic surgery, but in fact it helps them with their confidence and improving their inner self. Basically, because they feel better about themselves on the outside it helps them to no longer focus on flaws that are continuously pointed out, and instead build their confidence.

Tobi: Steven Gerrard


Tobi’s topic was Steven Gerrard, he had also looked at 5 different sources: Opinion, news article, video, meme, and soccer cleats. His poster was different to others, as it didn’t focus so much on and idea rather than the opinions of his topic. Upon presentation, he had stated that there is not in between as far as the opinions on the topic. The two sides are very contrasting and the opinions stand on either side of the spectrum.





I chose this particular performance because I was able to connect with the character and her personality traits. My character was someone who was unable to express her feeling properly and I sense used sarcasm to protect herself. She was shy and often didn’t talk, there were many connections and friendships that she had throughout the play. I felt that this character in particular was someone that I could connect with on a personal level after reading through the play and seeing how she was in certain settings. I felt in general that this performance was something that I would be able to do and it would come naturally to me.

Character portrayal

I wanted to embrace these certain characteristics and portray these specifically. I decided to try and show how she was in a social environment. Since the scene was placed in the middle of the play and they are participating in a lock down, it was hard to figure out how I was going to portray at this random spot in the play. Since they have been in the lockdown for a short period of time, the feeling within the room and the other participating was more calm at the start of the scene. However, a year prior to this she was in a lock down where there was a shooting. This is why she has this particular speech as it is a rencounter. I embraced the parts where I felt she was particularly nervous and I tried to place myself in her shoes to understand the things she must’ve experienced. I also connected these emotions directly to experiences I’ve had, although not a shooting, but to a situation that was particularly traumatic.

Physicality or vocals worked

What worked best was the physicality of my scene. I kept my movements small and they were big since she is a very closed off person. I made sure to incorporate this feeling of not wanting a lot of attention drawn to her self. I did this through the sitting very closed on the ground and the way I didn’t move around much. I also held onto the dictionary, that was a safe haven to my character as she was known as the “dictionary girl”. However, I think some of my vocals didn’t work so well, although I tried to portray it also through my voice I didn’t have a lot of confidence in my scene. This isn’t due to not knowing my lines, it is because of my confidence in performing in general. I think that is where I lacked in my scene, I was nervous about embracing it through my voice as well and that is why I believe I was very monotone. 

 Use of space, mannerisms, movements, postures, & gestures and how well did they correspond with the delivery of lines

My use of the space I believe was planned out very closely. I ensure that my movements matched up directly to the lines. The movements flowed very naturally and they weren’t awkward in any sense. I possibly could’ve worked on my posture as I feel like I stood up to straight at times. If I would’ve slumped my shoulders for instance, it would’ve given a greater impact on the scene and enhanced the feelings of shyness. 

 What solutions or suggestions do I have to approach characterization; especially the inner voices or motives of a character for a monologue? 

As for characterization, I would try to understand the characters motives more. Such as doing the following:

  • Put myself in their position. Shortlist these things.
  • Understand why they would want to say something for a particular reason.
  • Why would you say something like that?
  • Understand the emotions they are experiencing. How would you feel?
  • Etc.

Through asking myself these things next time, I feel that it could really help me to embrace my character more and understand their position.

The Dr. Josef Mengele’s twin experiments

What’s the story:

During the Holocaust Dr. Josef Mengele conducted a research experiment on twins and gypsies. Mengele was also known and the “angel of death”, he was on a quest to understand genetics. When new prisoners arrived in bulk Mengele would sort through them and pick out twins, dwarfs, and uniquely physicaled individuals. After they were chosen they were placed in experimental blocks. As for the general experiment itself, what Mengele conducted on each twin varied by what features they had. Children were given injections in their eyes in an attempt to change one’s eye color, or their hairs were plucked one by one after being placed in a boiling hot bath to see if there were similarities with their hair root and their twin. He was particularly fanatical about taking blood from his twins, especially the identical twins. These were however not the worst experiments conducted, he would attempt surgeries without giving an anesthesia, such as blood transfusions between twins, lethal germ injections. The worst operations were the removal of limbs and organs, sex change operations, and incestuous impregnations. When one twin died the injections or the experiment went wrong, the other was murdered as they no longer served a purpose to them. However some sets were murdered because Mengele wanted to dissect them. The people were looked at as simply being a body of cells, they did however receive special treatment because of his interest in twins.

What were they trying to find out:

At the time the subjects of this experiment were unsure of the objective of these tests.Those who were sentenced to be apart of these experiment and extensively evaluated had features that Mengele was looking for, for his new Aryan species.  They were looking for genetics that they felt would make an immaculate individual.  

Was this ethical?

In general experiments that Dr. Josef Mengele conducted were not ethical. They subjects were not treated with any respect and unfortunately were never able to give consent. Consent is key within any experiment conducted, but like many having these tests done to them was out of their control. Alongside this there was no clear objective except that he wanted to create a new kind of species.  

How else could the information have been gathered?

It is difficult to understand what the true purpose of this experiment was. Unfortunately like many of his experiments and many experiments conducted during the war this was very unethical. I am unsure as to how he could’ve possibly altered this experiment to be more acceptable. Considering the circumstances of the subjects they were from the start unable to give consent with anything that happened to them within the concentration camps. With today’s technology we would be able to conduct different kind of experiments to find out such things in a safer way. The circumstances makes it difficult to come up with an alternative type of experiment. With the ability to give consent and he were to just examine these twins to see what was similar within their physical appearance, this would be more acceptable.


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Drama Journal 2: Devising from an image

In drama there are multiple different things that you can devise from. Being able to devise from different things, is a major part of drama. Devising is when you take an image, object, music, and a range of other things and turn them into scenario. However when devising from these things, the devisors do not need to have these things specifically in their piece. The piece of music or object etc. is only there to help create ideas. Some questions that we learned to ask ourselves when learning how to devise from these things was: what do you see, how does it make you feel, and what are some stories that come to mind.

Devising from an image: 

Our first task this week, was to devise from an image. I teamed up with Miha and Joe this week and we created the following scene:

This scene was thought of when we were given the image of a woman sitting down on a set of stairs alone, and in the backdrop very vaguely you could see a man walking away.

Devising from an object: 

Our second task in drama was to work on devising from object. Each group was given a box, and in this box was an object. From there we then had to say any words that came to mind when we saw this object. After we completed that we then moved on to having to come up with one word stories that might have come to mind during the process. Then we began to plan. The group I was in was given a key, one word that was mentioned was secretes, when thinking about different things associated with a key. From here we came up with a scenario where a group of friend are camping in the woods, and they decide to play truth or dare. One person decides to dares everyone else in the group to say their deepest darkest secrete. This then reveals many thing causing one big fallout. Unfortunately the video can not be attached, as it was not posted.

Devising from music:

We then began to learn how to devise from music, a piece was played for the entire class. The “song” was mainly words, with hardly any instruments in the background. This piece had a very eery feeling, the group and I decided to take key words we heard in the piece and make a chant out of them. This was because we related the song to a cult. I however found this to be the hardest because, I did not have very much inspiration when it came to listening . As a result we came up with the following.

Devising from text: 

To end off our unit we worked on devising from text. Each group was given a quote, from here we once again did word association. Along with highlighting the key words that were found within the quote. This helped us to understand the quote better, along with learning the general theme of it. Then we came up with a story that came to mind when thinking about this quote form here we performed our piece for the class.

Overall I felt as if this unit was really helpful, and I learnt a lot from it. I found it interesting, as I have never worked on something like this before.

Drama Journal 1: Review of elements

Over the past two weeks we had to focus on the elements of drama. Throughout the week we had to focus on reviewing the elements of drama. Some of which are easier to grasp and other not so much.

In my group (Sam and I) we focused on tension in drama. In my personal opinion after reviewing tension, I feel like it is the most important element within drama. Without tension there would be no climax in drama or mystery. Tension also adds other aspects, not only mystery and climax.

Our approach to this concept was to first understand it ourselves. From there we were able to build upon this concept of drama. that we would be focusing on. We both decided that we had taken an interest in tension, from later scenes we had taken part in. We first looked through books that focused on all of the concepts of drama. From here we gathered a variety of key ideas that we would have to mention. Next we made sure we completely understood, therefore we would be prepared for any questions that would come our way.

When then had to come up with an activity we could do. We decided to let them be creative and allow them to explore the concept in their own way. To us there is no better way to understand something, unless you are able to so something then simply be corrected.

They were given 5 minutes to prepare a 30 second to 1 minute piece, then perform in front of the class. We then proceeded to ask if they could identify within the other groups what the tension was.

This overall was a learning experience for everyone, and we were able to learn a lot from our peers.


English – Comic Reflections

Joseph’s comic- Joseph’s Basketball Comic

Joseph’s comic addresses the issue of confidence and bullying. This is important because it happens everyday. It can happen the way Joseph displays it and in many other forms. This was an important topic because, at one point in our lives we all face confidence issues or bullying. It may not be as severe as some cases, but it still happens.  Joseph showed us in two different choices that helped us to see the situation. One he showed the boy wanting to play basketball. This was important because it showed what Chris the character was aiming for. Later on through the comic he shows the boy walking into a light. This represented him walking to his dream. In the end the boy realizes he really had nothing to worry about. It shows the struggle the artist behind it may have felt. When reading a news article, you see another person point of view on the topic. This is than followed by facts on the problem. Graphic novel versus a novel, a graphic novel has images, this helps us to visual the problem and emotions. In a novel you are given the chance to imagine what the character looks like, how their facial expression is and other things.


For & against giving aid

There are many reasons for and against giving aid. Speaking for myself the 2 most important reasons for giving aid would have to be, rebuilding lives and emergency aid. Lives being rebuilt is important to me one because when a natural disaster hits it was out of your control what happened. When the 3/11 hit the Japan Earthquake Relief Fund, and tax money was spent rebuilding housing etc which helped people continue to live their normal lives after the disaster. Also emergency aid is important. Some who were hurt and had everything taken it would not be in their funds to be able to perhaps save their child’s lives or anyone  they know or who was in the family. People like us who are fortunate and not in situation like this have the ability to help. For example aid that was directly sent to the people in need (helicopters and helping people flee the situation)  helped save lives. (ex UNICEF). My two reasons against are becoming dependent and costing more. My reasoning for becoming dependent upon the funds coming in is they will not push to make their economy better. Also my reasoning for costing more is that banks coming internationally do not always know where the money is going and sometimes the same thing goes for donations. For example the city or rural area could have an issue with a strange disease but the money is going towards starting business.