GCD Global Understanding

Before I joined Chiku, I was only intended in filling out my Service role in CAS and my general idea of Chiku was helping out people and communities outside of YIS. It turned out to be an activity that I had expected yet it was interesting and I had discovered many facts about my surrounding such as the Sanagitachi community we visited and hearing the perspective of one of the homeless showed how some insights to their story of life and how other had no choice but to pick the path of living in the streets. Moreover within our activity, I realised that there were different factions that were in charge of Onigiri events, communicating and spreading awareness of its activity, updating their records of progress and other countless groups that played a role in this one activity, and me being a novice in this group without any previous experience had lot to learn.

Throughout the Chiku group, I learned the perspective of homeless as some had visited the Chiku Sanagitachi for the free food they can receive as they were able to afford rent, but still continued coming. Although for others, they had no choice but to move into this region of the town since they had become bankrupt from the bubble burst of economy, also known as Lost Decade, showing some insights from the perspective of people who visit the Chiku Sanagitachi with different purpose for each individual. While this taught me that these people were not all what I assumed to be homeless and had their own personal reasons for visiting the Chiku Sanagitachi, it also gave me an understanding of my current position and how privileged I was to being able to attend this school as I am able to look into the perspective of those who do not do well and appreciate my current standing, which changed my mind from becoming more thoughtful and respectful of others as I had been self-centred, who did not know much about anyone else.

I am still in Chiku, working in the Communication faction as I had experienced the Awareness and Onigiri Event. In this faction, we mostly record what the Chiku community has done so far with updates to any progress made and although this doesn’t directly related to helping out making food in the Chiku Sanagitachi, we still visit occasionally and help contribute in supporting the community. Which has given me a lot of experience from before and this strength of mine can be useful in other communities or even be helpful for those new to the community.

Next time, I would like to contribute more into other factions so that I can see a strong connection between the two, or see others contributing more as there are many people participating in the Chiiku community, however there are sometimes too many people to the point where other do not have to contribute much than others and by doing so, they may not be able to experience the same perspective and idea that I have in Chiku Sanagitachi.


私は「パトリック ハーランさんからあなたへ」の話を読みました。それは思ってはいませんでしたが、当たり前で、我々バイリングアルの方々が多く出会う問題でした。ハランさんは自分がどうやってコメディアンにたどり着いたなど、自分から見た文化、言葉図解の違いなどが表しています。この話にでる感じは読めましたし、質問の多くはわかっていましたが、外国に関係する問題や、ことわざなどは苦手でした。

Reflection on Media Fair

ired of stnding In the media fair, everyone chose 5-6 different sources which had discussed the topic one was entrusted in. The source types varied from parodies, news articles, to videos. We then had to create a poster which contained an analysis of the 5-6 source. (including images if possible)

IMG_2508Masa’s poster was about a cult known as “Happy Science”, which believed in Scientology. They had not done many activities in the past gave the impression as one of the laziest cult. However, they had produced several animated and nonanimated movies recently such as “I’m fine” in 2016. Ryuho Okawa led the cult “Happy Science” and explained that he is able to possess the spirit of Gandhi, Buddha, Jesus and countless people who are famously known. (the face Masa makes when he’s tired of standing for 20 minutes)

Justin Cheetham’s poster focused on whether violent video games affect real life. He discussed the topic using sources such as webcomic, article, press release, news video, and satire. Although there were many reports about how the criminals had experience playing  violent video games, there were scientific experiments to support this claim. However, there had been other scientific experiment with the opposite conclusion.

Spencer Jensen’s poster was about missionary work. He discussed the different views of how people perceive missionaries. Sources such as BBC, News articles, and articles show various people with careers in the federal government who support the works of missionaries. While other sources depict a negative image of missionary work as a nuisance.

An image of Jensen the 3rd.


Science Unethical Experiment

What happened:

An experiment to test Nuclear bombs, Bikini Atoll was chosen as the field to detonate 23 nuclear devices. Bikini Atoll was chosen as it was relatively close to U.S. and had a big lagoon making it easier to see the results and aftermath. The purpose of the experiment was to test the effectiveness of nuclear bombs against ships (since they were a slow moving target). At the time, the island was under the control of U.S., however, around 170 residents known as Marshall islander lived in the island. The Marshall islander worshiped Christianity and the U.S. persuaded the islanders that the experiment they were planning to conduct was a word of God. (Winchester) The islanders were transported 200 miles (322 km) away on an island known as Kili island. They were told that they would be able to return home after the nuclear tests. After the experiment, residents were able to return to Bikini Atoll and the U.S. provided the islanders $2 billion for the damage caused by the nuclear testing such as contaminating soil, water, farming, fishing as well as their displacement of their home island. (Quitugua)

What were they trying to find out:

In the Marshall islands, Scientists/Militarists tested the effects of nuclear bomb impacts in order to apply it on strategic/tactical purpose of military, the study of explosive power yield by the nuclear bombs, and the valuable data provided for Geological Scientific testing in a case of a radioactive fallout. The experiment was a success in terms of creating more powerful bombs as it had exceeded the expectation and created an explosion 7000 times more powerful than ones dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Even the Instruments needed to evaluate the effectiveness was unable to record the data as it were destroyed. Moreover, the impact was so destructive that it had reached the next island where the Marshall islanders were living. They were still not informed or warned about the truth including radiation dangers which exposed them to radioactivity causing a 91% of the resident with blood disorder as well as both of deformed, mentally retarded children and more. Several people were caught in the fallout, but no one cared about their tragedy. Additionally, U.S. government conducted another experiment known as Project 4.1 which was a human radiation experiment meant for medical study of the Marshall islanders exposed to radioactive fallout. It is said that residents were forced to enter a room where they endured garbage dump including nuclear waste. The purpose of the experiment was to evaluate the radiation injury to the exposed human body, providing medical care, conducting scientific studies of radiation injuries. Which was later published as “Study of Response of Human Beings Accidentally Exposed to Significant Fallout Radiation.” (Heart)

Was this ethical:

The experiment achieved creating a deadlier weapon than the previous ones. It may have been a benefit to the Military, Nuclear Physics, and Geological Science. As they are able to advance a big step from the valuable research gained. The participants were not treated with with respect as they were deceived to leave their home islands for a while until the experiment ended. The residents were told that the experiment was an act of God. Others who disagreed to leave the island were forced. After the experiment, the island source of food were contaminated, environments were exposed to radiation (including water) which exposed radiation to the residents who have returned and other marine animals affecting the ocean in a global scale as they did not much about nuclear weapons or radiation. It is true that the radiation was unavoidable after the bomb detonated, but some of the residents were able to go back to the island meaning the participants were not treated carefully and they did not try to minimise the potential risks at all. The experiment may have been open minded to an extent towards the U.S. military, since as they were able to advance and discover more about nuclear bombs and radiation. Yet, the sunken ships from the experiment is still said to be radioactive. (Heart)

How else could the information be gathered:

Since the Scientists are not able to go near the fallout, the only way they had to record the results were to use devices and instruments. If the Scientists took extra precaution and take in measure of the residents, the nuclear bomb may not have leaked to the ocean. It was also a mistake to decide on bombing a populated, inhabited location. Instead they should have chosen a deserted location. Also instead of testing the radiation on humans, it would have been better to replace them with animals and plants to examine effects or radiation. Even if the animals and plants died from the aftermath of the bomb, the corpses can be tested on nuclear effects for further research. The Scientists also should have taken measure of the aftereffect and impact of the island and conduct test with fewer amounts of Uranium.


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私はソンギが読んだ本を選びました。それは1963年12月20出版されたはマリー ホール エッツ作の「もりのなか」です。この本のあらすじはある少年が森の中で散歩をしていると、動物たちが付いてきます。そして動物達が次々と参加し、遊びます。結局、お父さんが迎えに来て、動物たちは消えます。





Characteristic of Japan






Do the benefits of hosting a major tournament outweigh the costs?

In society, special circumstances occur in the world as Japan is elected in the Summer Olympic in 2020. This can be a beneficial opportunity to increase the tourism business, enjoy the Olympic events and make profit of the Olympics. The more higher benefit it is, the more disadvantage it is carrying and failure may lead to more loss than the initial budget, abandonment of stadium and waste of money. There are many economic concerns deciding to stop or continue hosting the Olympics due to these issues.

Many Olympics have failed to gain profit as they lost more budget than profit. In 2006, Montreal’s initial budget was 1.41 billion CDN (Canadian Dollars), but the situation got worse and made a loss of 990 million CDN. In total, the total cost was 207 million CDN. This did not only happen in the Olympic of Montreal, but also in Athens in 2004, Moscow in 1980, Torino in 2006 and more. If this profit loss continues, people would stop hosting/sponsoring the Olympics.

In the Olympics, the nation is provided with enough fund in order to build a new stadium, but after the Olympic is over, most of the stadiums are abandoned. Looking at Sarajevo, 1984 Winter Olympics, the current stadium is filled with moss while the building are dirty. This is a waste of money as the stadiums are only used once in a lifetime, people can use the stadium for other benefits such as concerts and refrain from wasting the money spent to child a stadium. It is similar to having a brand new mall known all around the world, which the owner has for sale. If this is a major issue, why doesn’t the Olympic fund the country/nation enough to build a stadium. This may be one reason why the Olympic has more loss than the initial amount, which makes people from refraining to sponsor or hosting the Olympics.

The Olympic is an entertainment for the all the people all around the world. All the funds come from nations and companies that support the Olympics, but the certain nation selected for the next Olympic location must make efficient use of the money as it will cause loss and other wastes as mentioned above by the money funded with the way it is used. This would cause the nations and companies to stop funding/sponsoring the Olympics.

The Olympics would increase the amount of tourists visiting the certain country. This can increase the business of tourism such as, Airports, Hotels, World Heritage and more. ‘Matheson’ in the “Business Insiders” said the hotels would increase the number of rooms by 25% and double the cost of its rooms. Due to the special circumstances of the Olympics, the airports and tourism company would do something similar to the improvement of the hotels. This would be a benefit to the country the Olympics is held in.

Olympic is an international sporting event where best athletes from world-wide contribute and participate on the certain sports. It is meant to enjoy and have fun world-wide. The ideal of the Olympic was to build and international understanding and cooperation. The athlete can also participate without payment only when its performance is promoted and following the rules. Which is why the participating nations and other social business are funding the Olympics, World-Cup and such events.

The nations have funded the certain nation elected as the next Olympic location. This can mean that the nation may gain a loss, but it doesn’t always conclude the profit gained to be lower than the initial budget. If the Olympics fail to gain profit and made a loss, it may also succeed in gaining profit. In 1988 Calgary, the initial budget was 899 million CDN and the profit was 32 million CDN.

Overall, the special circumstances such as Olympic that occur world wide may be beneficial to others by an opportunity in order to increase the business of tourism companies, simply enjoying the Olympic events and making a profit from the Olympics. While it can also be a failed opportunity that leads to more loss than the initial budget, single-use of structures built by the purpose of Olympic events and simply the wrong way of using money. These benefit and disadvantage mostly depend on which way the funds are used due to the nation in charge of planning, aftermath, other uses and other things related to the Olympics. It may cause a disadvantage and cause the problems mentioned above or successfully make benefits mentioned above.









Romeo and Juliet: Which is better the Zeffirelli or the Luhrmann version? Why?

Romeo and Juliet is one of the most famous plays written by William Shakespeare. There have been several film adaptations of the play, especially Zeffirelli and Luhrmann’s film which are he most well known, but many people argue which film is better. Zeffirelli or Luhrmann’s? This essay will discuss about which film I prefer due to the success of adapting the film into a different setting, symbolism inside the film and connection between the director and casts

Zeffireli’s film was more original with the setting of the play which the audience preferred, but in Luhrmann’s film the setting is different. It is more futuristic and the weapons are not swords but guns. This broke many people’s setting of the peaceful, tragic comedy play into an action packed, tragic comedy, but some people prefer this version since Luhrmann challenged a new setting and the movie itself was satisfying to watch (Not sure about people nowadays).

Luhrmann’s film included many symbolism such as the water tank and the pool which represented Romeo and Juliet’s encounter. Even when Mercutio was ashamed of both houses (about to die), a symbolism of lightning is shown with dark clouds representing the anger towards both the Montague and Capulet for their conflict.

Luhrmann’s film were also anticipated by many people due to his “Strictly Ballroom” achieving a great success. This lead to funds and many high hopes, but what made it better was the competence of the director and the ability of the main casts. After the film was released, many of the main casts were awarded, such as Leonardo DiCaprio who won the Silver Bear for Best Actor and Claire Danes who won Favorite Actress in a Romance in 1997.

Overall, I believe that Luhrmann’s film of Romeo and Juliet is better than Zeffirelli’s film. Due to succesfully adapting the film into a different setting, symbolism inside the film and connection between the director and casts.

Bystander Effect

Taking a look at the video below, a security camera recorded a man shot several times in his body. While the person who takes the shot walks away. Normally people would call for help due to the shots fired, but several people walked past the man in the ground and didn’t hesitate to call for help. This is due for the ‘Diffusion of Responsibility’ where everyone thinks the other person would call for help and feel no sense of responsibility.

In order to reduce this Bystander effect, people must acknowledge the bystander effect itself, be confident enough to help the victim (from experience, practice) so one would not think of standing up to help as a wrong decision.