GCD Global Understanding

Before I joined Chiku, I was only intended in filling out my Service role in CAS and my general idea of Chiku was helping out people and communities outside of YIS. It turned out to be an activity that I had expected yet it was interesting and I had discovered many facts about my surrounding such as the Sanagitachi community we visited and hearing the perspective of one of the homeless showed how some insights to their story of life and how other had no choice but to pick the path of living in the streets. Moreover within our activity, I realised that there were different factions that were in charge of Onigiri events, communicating and spreading awareness of its activity, updating their records of progress and other countless groups that played a role in this one activity, and me being a novice in this group without any previous experience had lot to learn.

Throughout the Chiku group, I learned the perspective of homeless as some had visited the Chiku Sanagitachi for the free food they can receive as they were able to afford rent, but still continued coming. Although for others, they had no choice but to move into this region of the town since they had become bankrupt from the bubble burst of economy, also known as Lost Decade, showing some insights from the perspective of people who visit the Chiku Sanagitachi with different purpose for each individual. While this taught me that these people were not all what I assumed to be homeless and had their own personal reasons for visiting the Chiku Sanagitachi, it also gave me an understanding of my current position and how privileged I was to being able to attend this school as I am able to look into the perspective of those who do not do well and appreciate my current standing, which changed my mind from becoming more thoughtful and respectful of others as I had been self-centred, who did not know much about anyone else.

I am still in Chiku, working in the Communication faction as I had experienced the Awareness and Onigiri Event. In this faction, we mostly record what the Chiku community has done so far with updates to any progress made and although this doesn’t directly related to helping out making food in the Chiku Sanagitachi, we still visit occasionally and help contribute in supporting the community. Which has given me a lot of experience from before and this strength of mine can be useful in other communities or even be helpful for those new to the community.

Next time, I would like to contribute more into other factions so that I can see a strong connection between the two, or see others contributing more as there are many people participating in the Chiiku community, however there are sometimes too many people to the point where other do not have to contribute much than others and by doing so, they may not be able to experience the same perspective and idea that I have in Chiku Sanagitachi.

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