Technology Investigate Reflection

Technology Investigate Reflection

In technology class, I have learned lots of techniques of how to be a good blogger. In class we did a Research task, where we looked at other blogs and wrote down the good parts and parts to improve the blog. We also did a Brainstorm task, for that task we made a brainstorm of what we where going to post on our blog.To make a good and exciting blog I will use a catchy title and headline so people will want to read what I write. I will post interesting articles, links to videos, pictures and other things so that people will want to read it. I will also add tags so people can find my blog more easily. I will also make an about me section and post what’s happening at school and life. One more thing is that looking at the reader’s comments and responding to them, they have good advice, I may add apply that to my blog.

I think, having good contrast is important for a blog. Having good contrast between the words and the background helps the reader read the blog. To make sure that it is a good color contrast, I will ask the readers in a post and have the readers reply with a comment. Adding pictures to my blog also helps. I will have pictures that are interesting and are related to the topic. I will make sure I take enough pictures that are related to the topic or find them on the Internet. One of the most important things for the blog owner to make sure to do is having frequent posts. Frequent posts help make the readers not get bored with your blog. In addition to being frequent the posts need to be interesting. To make sure I have ideas for the frequent posts, I will brainstorm and come up with interesting topics. I will also look at the readers comments and see what they are interested in. By looking at the comments of the readers it will help me give ideas of what to blog about.

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  1. Fantastic work Connor! You are so thorough and detailed in all aspects of this assignment which really helps demonstrate the depth of your understanding. It’s clear that you have some great ideas for how to apply the design principals we learned about in this part of the project to your own blog (and you’ve started already!). Keep up the fantastic work!

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