Yay! Field studies!

When we go to the field studies to Hakuba , I am looking forward to the evening when we go hot air ballooning, but I might get a bit nervous before we go into the basket because it’s my first time to go hot air ballooning.I am also very excited for the group cooking because my passion is cooking.

At the field studies, I want to learn more about Nagano because that is where Hakuba is.

I think the best thing at the field studies will be canoeing because in the holidays, I sometimes go canoeing with my brother and it is really fun, but this time, we can do it with our friends so I think that will make it more fun and I also think the rock climbing will be really fun too, because I really like rock climbing and I want to challenge doing it with harder rock climbing walls.

I think the most challenging activity will be the day hike because I don’t go hiking that much so it will be a challenge for me to keep walking on the steep hills.

Blogger investigation

In class we have been learning about how to make a good blog. We looked at a few blogs to find out the answer of how to make a good blog, which is fun and which people will want to see more of it when they started to read it.I learned that for making a good blog, you should have a good big title to catch peoples attentions and you should design the blog so it is clear on who you want the audience to be.  I will put in all the things in my brainstorm and blog research so the blog is fun to read and I will use all the blog techniques to make the blog good.I think the title page is the most important because the first impression has to be good or the audience won’t really want to see the rest of the blog. I think I should put in posts pretty often so the people who look at the blog won’t get bored with it.