Becoming a blogger design / plan reflection

When we finished brainstorming our blogs, we started to plan and design it in class, and the first thing we did was to draw 3 blog theme designs and we chose a theme which looked most like the one we drew. Most of the themes didn’t look like my design,  but I found a theme that was good enough. My theme is called Retweet by Sivan.

I  chose this theme because the colors are nice and it was the most  similar to the one I drew, but I think I need to change some things  like, there should be more pictures  in the back ground because now the back ground is plain blue with clouds. The only thing that was similar with my drawing was the colors and the side bar.

The next thing we did was fill out a document called how to grow a blog and we wrote our goals, habits and commitment, and the right habitat. First, we thought up some ideas as a class and later, we made our goals ourself or we copied the things that we thought up together. In the goal box, we wrote how you want it to be and in the habits and commitment box, we wrote how we will not make the blog boring and in the right habitat box, we wrote how I will get ideas for making my blog better.

I think in class, we are going to learn how to improve the blogs, but one thing I want to know is how to get the widgets on the blog.

My self-portrait reflection

First self portrait

Our unit question was “How does observing help us learn?”. The significant concept was “Observational skills play an important role in our lives and in our artwork”.

My first drawing was not realistic and it was not 3D, and it didn’t have good shading. On my second drawing,the shading was better and it looked more realistic, and it looked more 3D than the first one.

My weaknesses were getting the shapes right and getting the tone right because there was a place where it was really dark and there was a light part right next to it. My strengths were drawing the hair because I just had to make it really dark and , I think I did well on the smudging because the darkness is OK. I used the tortillon and paper towels.

I am happy with the improvement I made because the second drawing looks more realistic compared to the first one.

Field studies day 4

On the 4th day, we went on the long day hike.

When we got to the day hike starting point, there were two dogs that went on the hike with us. There was a playground on the bottom of the mountain and we played there for a while.

When we started walking, there were lots of slippery places and I was happy I bought hiking shoes. The mountain was very steep and there were lots of uphills and down hills. When we were about half way up the hill, we started to get tired and I asked the teachers if we were there soon once in a few seconds.

When we finally got to the top of the mountain, we had a lunch of curry, fried tofu,chai tea, and some delicious apple and cinnamon cakes.

After the hike, we went to a field to run around for a while, but I didn’t run around and I just looked for 4 leafed clovers instead, and I actually found one! I also found a 6 leafed clover!

I think I was balanced because I looked for clovers instead of running around.


Field studies day 3

On the third day, we went rock climbing and river cleaning.

At the rock climbing wall,we got to chose the wall level and I went in the not-so-confident group. I climbed up to the 3/4 way resting point of the wall and when I looked down, I couldn’t believe I climbed all the way up there. The ground seemed like it was many many meters from the place I was, so I chickened out and I went back down.

At the river cleaning place, we had a BBQ lunch of yakisoba and chicken. After the lunch, we walked to the river cleaning point and picked up the garbage by the river, and once in a while, I went down to the river and drank the water of the river. We walked some more and finally,  we got back to the hotel.

In the evening, we went to a place where we went hot air ballooning. Before I got on, I was nervous and excited at the same time. When we got into the basket, the hot air balloon was rising up slowly and soon we were looking down at the people below us  shouting “Hey smurfs!” but they didn’t seem to notice.

I was a risk taker because I went on the hot air balloon when I was nervous about it.

Drama Questions

What did I explore in this unit?

How to make things up on the spot and to accept offers while acting to make a scene.

What did I learn?

Offering+accepting,naming the it,improvisation

How can I use this in performance?

You always have to name the it because if you say look at it, they won’t know what it is.

What do I want to know?

Why improvisation is important in drama.

Field studies day 2 , the activity day!

On the second day, we went mountain biking and Canoeing. First, our group went mountain biking and we went into the woods and when we were riding, there was a river called Himegawa, and we drank the water and it was very cold and refreshing. After the drink, we biked again back to the campsite.

After lunch, our group went canoeing at Aokiko lake, and most of the groups fell into the water.(We were NOT one of them.) The people who survived went to the prison island in the middle of the lake with the canoes. The prison island was completely covered in pebbles. After a few minutes, we went back to the campsite  for games.

In the evening, we got on the bus to get to the hotel. The hotel we stayed in was called Yamano hotel (山のホテル).We went it to the onsen in the hotel which was really relaxing and after that, we had dinner at the hotel, and it was delicious.

I was a thinker because at canoeing, I stood in the canoe, but it started to shake so I sat down.


Field studies day 1

On the first day of camp, in the bus, a lot of us were whining about how long it will take to get to the campsite, or when we are allowed to go buy snacks, but in about 4 hours of riding in the bus, we saw Mt. Fuji and every one started to take pictures. Here is one of them. We bought some snacks at the parking place, and ate it in the bus, but soon everyone got bored and started whining again.We were going to a place where there is a lake called Aokiko lake. From the bus, I saw a lake and I thought that was Aokiko lake, but we drove right past it and drove for another few minutes and finally, we got to the campsite.

The first activity we did was orienteering. and that was really fun. At knight, we made our own dinner, meat sauce pasta! We all had fun making our first dinner at camp.At night,  we slept in tents and it was FREEZING COLD.

So, the first day went pretty good and we all had lots of fun.

I was I risk taker because I slept in the freezing tent.