Drama 2 min speech reflection

6B Drama 2 min Speech from YIS Academics on Vimeo.


In drama class, we did a 2 min speech about someone we know. I did a speech about my brother.                                                                   I think my volume was clear at most of the points. The problem was that I got nervous and I forgot to say a few things. 🙁                       I think that the projection did not go that far because at some points my volume kind of low.  My pace was too fast because I got really nervous and so the speech got really short. My pitch changed on a few parts. I forgot to pause because I forgot the things to say and I could not find the right place to pause. I did not really emphasize words during the speech.

During the speech, I looked both at the camera and the cards when I needed to. All the way through the speech, I kept fidgeting with my card and my hair.

I think I should improve on trying not to fidget that much while talking.



Evaluate Reflection

In class, we have learned a lot of things for improving our blogs and I would like to share you what I thought when we learned about the blogs.

The part in the project I liked was when we were creating the blog, because  I learned new things to make the blog better, and how to add widgets and how to change the title of the blog or the tag line.I am probably going to change my tagline because it does not really explain what the blog is about. The part I did not like was when we were planing because at the start, I thought that planing it was pretty boring, but when we started to create the blogs, I was happy we planed it because it was kind of complicated.

My strength during this project was to plan it even I said it was kind of boring because when we were drawing the blog designs, I made all three of them very different because I thought that will make it easier to find a theme that was similar to one of them. My weakness was investigating because I did not know what kind of blogs to looks to look for.

I could use these skills in the future because it might be easier for me to organize things on computers in the classes, or when I want to add widgets, or things like that n blogs, I know how to do it.



Becoming a blogger reflection

Since we finished designing and planning our blogs, we had to make them. We started making an about me page, which had to include a paragraph about ourself, a good title, and correct formatting.

I really like my blog theme because it is just plain light blue with clouds so it makes you concentrate on the writing. Another reason I like it is because one of my favorite colors is light blue. It also shows that I like backgrounds and things simple.

The thing I am most proud of my blog is the about me page because I am introducing myself and my hobbies briefly so I don’t spoil the things I will write in my hobbies page which I did not do yet. When I started making it, at first, I did not know what to write about, so I looked at a few of my friend’s blogs and I ended up writing about my what countries I came from, which school I am in, and my hobbies.

I think whatever we learn in tech next will be what we need to become a better blogger.


Drama 1 min speech reflection & improv reflection

This is my video of the 1 min speech I did in drama class, and we had to make a reflection about how we did in the video.

In the speech, I talked about a recess time  a few years ago. For my volume, I think it was nice and clear, and for the projection, I think it was good because the people in the room could hear clearly. I think my pace was a bit too fast because I was really nervous. My pitch did not really change in the speech but it did on a few parts. I paused a few times for breath, and for making the speech more dramatic than it really is.

During the speech, I fidgeted a little and played with my hair a few times, but I managed to smile during the speech.

Improv is about making things up on the spot. A few things I explored in improv was to name the it. Example: “Wow look there! It’s coming towards us!” ” Oh my! it’s a giant cookie rolling down the hill!”. So in that one, the it was a giant cookie rolling down the hill. I also explored the O+A=S. (offer + accept =scene.) This means that when someone makes an offer, you need to accept it and play along with it to make a good scene.

In this unit, I learned some games like, expert double figures, die story die, statues,space jump, and one word at a time. In expert double figures, there has to be at least two people, and one person sits on a chair with their hands at the back and the other person sits behind them and they pretend that their hands are the other persons hands and they have to make a scene in that position. In die story die, there is a few people standing up and a conductor, and the audience makes up a title of a story, and the conductor would point at a person who is standing up and they have to start telling the story, and when the conductor points at another person, that person has to keep telling the story. If the person who the conductor hesitates or says the same thing twice, they have to pretend to die dramatically. In statues, there are a few people who gets formed into a pose and those people has to start a scene from that position. In space jump, there is one person pretending to do something, and after 15 seconds, someone yells “space jump!” and the actor freezes, and another person goes in and that person makes up a whole new scene using the pose the other person is in. In one word at a time, there is a few people stand ing, and they say on word at a time to make up a story, but the story has to make sense.

I can use this in performance when someone gets stuck, I can say something different so the scene can keep going.

Before this unit, I did not know anything about improv, but I knew it was making things up on the spot. Now, I know a lot more about improv.

I want to learn more games so I can practice and do short plays with my friends for fun.



6B 1 min Speech from YIS Academics on Vimeo.