Teachers of the future Investigate reflection

In tech class, we started a new unit about tutorials.

We had to look at 3 or more tutorials and put the info on a tutorial research sheet, which we wrote about the 3 tutorials we watched.

We also made a practice tutorialbefore we make the real tutorial. I did my practice tutorial on how to put your bookmarks on your computer into a bookmarks folder.

We also had to look at and leave comments on 2 of our friend’s blogs to see their tutorials they chose. I looked at Marina and Keina’s blogs. While we were investigating about what makes a good tutorial, I learned many things l that tutorials should be easy to understand, and  it should be helpful to the person who watches it.  I also noticed the the person who made the tutorials used easy language. By researching the tutorials, I think I know the difference between a good tutorial and a bad tutorial.

I am very exited to make our real tutorials

My tutor group Resolutions

My new year’s Resolutions which are school related are:

I want to improve and get better scores because I am not really good at it. I am going to achieve this by doing mathletics at home even I don’t need to.

My other resolution is to get better at kanji, because I only got a 100% once on kanji test. I will practice at home every week.

My favorite tutorial: how to draw the pig in angry birds

In tech class, we have been looking at tutorials and later in the unit, and we researched about the tutorials. Later in the unit,
We are going to make our own tutorials on whatever we like.

We first had to look at 3 or more tutorials and choose one favorite, and my favorite was this one.

My favorite one was the 1st one which is how to draw the pig in angry birds because in that one, the guy explained how to draw
it while he drew it, so the person watching it can understand even it is on the computer.