My opinion of Singing in the rain dance Gene Kelly

In drama class, we looked at the singing in the rain video. We are looking at how Gene Kelly used props, rythm, expressions, and the space.

I really like the way he uses many things in the street as props. Mainly, he uses the umbrella as a prop. He does many things with it like twirling it, opening it and closing it, throwing it in the air and catching it, and in one part he pretends that its his dance partner. He also jumps onto the street lamp pole and kind of hugs it and twirls around it. I also like the way he uses the water itself as a prop. He does this by jumping and tap dancing in the puddles.

The rythm is very important in the dance. Rythm is not only in the music but in the dance too. On a few parts, he does tap dance on the sidewalk and in the puddle and that makes the rythm in dance.

Through the whole dance, he had a big grin. He looks happy that its raining and the song really matches his dance and expression. Even when the policeman comes, he still looks happy.

He really uses a lot of space in the dance. He walks in the city while he does many dances, and in one part, he opens his umbrella and does big twirls that took up the whole road.


Painted Self portrait reflection

In this unit, we have been learning about painting self portraits. In this self portrait, we had to express our personalities with the portrait. The unit question was How do our personal experiences shape our identity?. 

In this unit, I think I improved a lot with the shading. What was challenging for me was to make the color right on the right places. For example, you can see that the right side of my face is lighter. Another thing that was challenging was to make the colors flow so you cant see the lines when the color changes. I found painting the hair pretty easy because I only had to put in a few high lights in the all-blue hair.

My strength during painting the portrait was painting the hair and the simple parts because it uses only 1 or 2 colors. My weakness was painting the face because the small parts like the eyes were really hard to paint.

My self portrait

I put in my personalities in my portrait by splitting the            background in half and making one half white, and the other half black. The white part with the drawings is the happy parts and it shows that my life is fun and that I’m a bright and happy person. The black part shows the times when I’m sad or worried or angry.

I can improve with many of the parts but compared to my first painted self portrait, it shows that I really improved.


Part 3 My results and further research


For our experiment, we found out which shoe had the strongest grip by putting the shoe on a wood plank and pile up some boots and see which shoe moves the fastest.

These are the results:

  1. Heels
  2. boots
  3. sport shoes & converse
  4. hiking boots
  5. flats

Data Analysis

My hypothesis was wrong because I thought the hiking boots were the strongest but it was 2nd weakest.


I thought the hiking boots will stay on the wood the longest because its slipping-free, but I think it wasn’t the best because its pretty heavy. I thought the heels were the weakest because it doesn’t have good balance, but it turned out that the heels had the strongest grip.

Further research

Maybe we can do the experiment with more types of shoes.


Long lost civilization Reflection

In humanities, wehave been learning about many ancient civilizations. We did a project where we made our own civilization.

The thing I am most proud of is the myth of the civilization I made up. I also liked the writing I made. the

I want to improve by making up   some more information about the civilization.

I don’t think I will want to live in my civilization because I will have to believe in dream morning musume goddesses when in real life, they are a japanese idol group. I think life will be really different because the civilization is all my imagination.


Teachers of the future plan reflection

Last week, we made our story board for our tutorials. We made our story boards on paper or on google docs.

Three criteria that I think I did well on were staying on topic because I did not go to other topics, and the other one is that its simple and its easy to follow the steps. The last one is action. I did the steps while explaining how to do it.

I think it will ensure the viewer because I made it pretty simple. I think I did well on explaining it and so its easy to understand. I also think it will ensure people because it is detailed and it is made step by step.

I think I need to learn how to make a good script so the people who watch it will easily understand. I also think I need to learn more skills on imovie.

I want to make the tutorial easy to understand, and that will be useful to the people who watches it.



Designing the experiment

What am I doing:

I am going to do a shoes experiment with josefine. We are going to see which shoe is the strongest by  putting the shoe on wood and put weights in the shoe. Then, we pile up books and see which shoe is strongest.

My hypothesis:

I think the hiking shoes will stay on the longest because it is heavy.

My variables:

independent variables: the amount of books                                                                                                                                                   dependent variables: wood                                                                                                                                                                                   controlled variables: the shoes

My method:

  1. Put the weight in the first shoe and put the shoe on the wood.
  2. pile up 2~3 books and put the end of the wood on the books.
  3. keep adding books until the shoe falls off the wood.
  4. do the same with other shoes.


  • books
  • shoes
  • wood
  • weights

Risk assesment

There are not much risks but be careful when dealing with equipment.


Choosing my experiment

What stuff we have been learning :

In science, we learned about cells, forces,and probability and other stuff. I found the forces easy to understand. and I found cells hard to understand.

Our activities:

We did a lot of activities, but my favorite one was the one where we made different types of slime with cornstarch and water and glycerin. I enjoyed mixing it because it gets harder and softer when you mix it. I did not like it when it I didn’t come off my hands and it smelled weird.

My design task topic:

In my group, we are going to do a experiment about which shoes are the strongest.