Mystery/Detective book podcast

In English class, we read a mystery/detective book. We made podcasts about the book we read. I read a book called Gilda Joyce Psychic investigator by Jennifer Allison.


Have you had any comments on your first podcast? Do these help?
While making this podcast, I think I should have talked louder because on my comments, it said that it was really hard to hear my talking
How will working with others help my learning for my next podcast?
It would probably be better for me if we did it in a group becuase you can get feed back while making the podcast.
How could I improve my next podcast?
Talk louder. 🙂

Teachers of the future create reflection

Before the spring holidays, we had to make tutorials on whatever we wanted that is related to school. We worked on it for about a month and we worked really hard on it.

When I was making the tutorial, I learned how to use  imovie, how to use quick time player, and I learned how to use the applications we used for making the tutorial.

I am happy with my finished tutorial because I worked hard on it. There might have been a few parts where I could improve, like repeating the steps more than once, and to work on speaking in a clear voice  because on some parts, I couldn’t really hear what I was saying.

For me, the tutorial was a bit challenging because I didn’t know how to use some of the applications we used to make the tutorial, and to make sure all the steps made sense and it was easy to under stand.

I think the top 3 criteria my tutorial meets were to stay on topic, to do the action while I explained, and the conclusion.     I think I stayed on topic through the tutorial, and I don’t think I went to anything else. I did everything while I explained the steps through the whole tutorial. For the conclusion, I wrote thank yous and credits.

To make the tutorial better, I think I could have repeated the steps, and I probably should have spoke in a clearer voice.

I looked at Mimi and Marina‘s tutorials. From their tutorials, I learned things like to organize your school papers, you should use folders, and from Marina’s tutorial, I learned that you say some words differently than it is spelled.