Ueno zoo field trip

We went on a field trip to Ueno zoo and the tokyo national museum for science class and Humanities class. In ueno zoo, we chose a animal to take notes about their natural habitat and their man-made habitat in the zoo.

What we did:

  • We went to ueno zoo to find out about the animals man made environment.

The animal I chose was red pandas, and the cage was pretty small. The environment looked pretty natural, because it had a lot if trees and bamboo. I think there was about 2 red pandas in the cage. I don’t know if the red pandas looked happy because both of them were sleeping in the trees.

I think the reason we have zoos is because people can see animals that they usually can’t see often. I think IF I was one of the animals in the zoo, I would be happy because they give you food, a place to sleep, and things you need depending on the animal you are. To make the animals happier in the zoo, I think they should put in things that will make it more fun to live in the zoo. For example, when I saw the penguins, they just had a fake ice island and a pool around it, so they should maybe put in a water slide or something.

There are many zoos on earth, and I think we should visit them, because the money we pay for visiting the zoo is probably used for the animals in the zoo. I think it is the best to let the animals be free in its natural habitat/country, but I think having a few zoos is ok.


National Museum Reflection

Bronze stamp

On tuesday, the grade 6 went to a field trip to Ueno Zoo and the Tokyo National Museum. We took a train from Ishikawacho station to Ueno station for and hour. We first went to the Zoo which was about 10 mins walk from the station. After, the Zoo, we walked to the National museum which was right next to the Zoo. I thought the museum was a Japanese-style art museum or something, but it happened to be a Japanese History museum, and it  had objects from the different eras.

The object I think was really interesting was the bronze stamp thing. I think someone used it to sign things because there are 4 kanjis carved into it. The stamp was made in Tochigi prefecture, In Heian Period, 9th century. It says that the stamp was accidentally found in a mulberry field in 1927.

When I saw the bronze stamp, I thought it was interesting because I didn’t know there were stamps in that century. I chose to write about this because it had this type of kanji that I never saw before. From looking at the stamp, you can learn that in Japan, the kanji was different from how it is now. I think that the unit that the stamp is connected to is the one where we learned about archaeology, because it was randomly found in a mulberry field.

I don’t think the stamp didn’t have connection with other countries because not many countries and religions used kanji except for China.

Thank you for reading!



Drama Creative movement reflection

6B Drama: Creative Movement (2012) from YIS Arts on Vimeo

In drama class, we have been looking at different movements, like smooth and Jerky movements. We had to make a dance routine with a storyline with 2~3 people. I did my dance with Raveena and Tomoka. Our group danced to a song called Vitamin by Girls Generation, the K-pop dance & singing group.

Our story was about 3 girls practicing to dance, and Tomoka makes a mistake in the dance and we get mad at each other. Then we do solos to see who is the best at dancing, but then, we get sad for not working together because worked on it for a long time. Then, we all act out like we are sorry, and we get together again.

We used techniques like changing our expression for when we are happy together and when we are sad.

The hardest thing for me in the performance was to remember my solo part because I had 3 solo parts. I was also very nervous, so I kept looking at Raveena.

When I looked at other peoples dances, they were really into the music and the dance, but I was really nervous, so I couldn’t really show the facial expressions I was supposed to have in the different parts of the dance.

In our dance, I think we had symmetry,  asymmerty, smooth and jerky movements, and fast and slow movements.

I really enjoyed doing this drama unit, and even though I don’t do these type of dance (I do tap dance) I still had lots of fun practicing and performing.

Movie making: Shots & Angles

In English class, we have been learning about different ways of taking pictures. There are long shots, medium shots, close ups, extreme close ups, and shots from different angles. We had to bring comics we brought from home and we looked at the different shots used in the pictures of the comics.  As a class, we talked about the difference between a movie and books. We got many ideas about the difference between movies and books.

I think we did this to understand the difference between the shots and to understand the moods according to the types of shots. For example, if its a extreme close up, it might mean that the person is up to some thing.

I learned the different shots and ideas of what kind of mood it is in the picture depending on the different shots. For the filming, we got into groups of 2 or 3 and filmed a short video including the types of shots we learned.

I think for our video, I think the high shots and the medium shots worked really well.