Movie making: Shots & Angles

In English class, we have been learning about different ways of taking pictures. There are long shots, medium shots, close ups, extreme close ups, and shots from different angles. We had to bring comics we brought from home and we looked at the different shots used in the pictures of the comics.  As a class, we talked about the difference between a movie and books. We got many ideas about the difference between movies and books.

I think we did this to understand the difference between the shots and to understand the moods according to the types of shots. For example, if its a extreme close up, it might mean that the person is up to some thing.

I learned the different shots and ideas of what kind of mood it is in the picture depending on the different shots. For the filming, we got into groups of 2 or 3 and filmed a short video including the types of shots we learned.

I think for our video, I think the high shots and the medium shots worked really well.

One thought on “Movie making: Shots & Angles

  1. This is a strong reflection, Elina. I’m pleased that you considered not only the different types of shots but also the impact some can have. It could be useful for you to name the shots you embedded in your blog and consider the effects.
    We will certainly be discussing more examples and sharing ideas in the lessons ahead!

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