SMART goals & future plans

My dream is to become a interior designer. I want to be a  interior designer because I think its really fun and cool to design houses. Ok, to the actual point of this post, in tutor class we have been talking about how we can become what we want to be by setting smart goals and planning for the future. This makes it easier to become what you want to become in the future. It might be not be easy to become a  interior designer, so now I am going to set some smart goals. Smart goals are:

S– Specific

M– Measurable

A– Attainable

R– Relevant

T– Time based

Goal 1. Work hard and try to get better grades for art. I think art will be important because I can learn about art and design. I will try to get higher grades for art because I have to get better at it to achieve my dream.

Goal 2. After I graduate high school, go into a university for learning art and be able to achieve my dream and do what I always wanted to do as a job.

Goal 3.  If I have time, I will draw little doodles to get better at designing.

Chapitre 4, Sports et Passe – temps

Mes réponses

1: Tu as compris? 

1. She sent a video cassette

2. She likes to do sport Sport and listen to music

3. She wants to know if she does ski or base ball

4. She likes it, she think its nice

5. Je ne sais pas ( I don’t know )


2: C’est Emilie?

1. It is likely that Emilie says that she loves sports.

2. It is unlikely that Emilie says she does not like ski.

3. It is unlikely that Emilie says Québec is boring in the winter.

4. It is likely that Emilie finds making videos with a video camera is fun

5.It is unlikely that Emilie likes to watch TV in the winter when its cold.

6. It is unlikely that Emilie does not like to listen to music.


3:Cherche les expressions

1.Salut Leticia.

2.comment ca va.

3.Est-ce qu’il fait froid aussi?

4.A’adore le rock etla musique quebeosie.

5.Qu’est gu’on fait comme sport?

6.Et la Californie, e’ste comment?

7.A tre’s Bientot.


4: Les saisons et les sports D’après la lettre d’Emilie, quels sports est-ce qu’elle fait? En quelle saison? Choisis des sports pour compléter ces phrases.

1. Au printemps, Emilie fait…In spring Emilie likes to ride hordes and do tennis.

2. En hiver, elle fait..In winter Emilie likes to ski.

3. En automne, elle fait… I don’t know

4. En été, elle fait… I dont know


5: Et maintenant, à toi

1.Moi aussi.

2.Moi aussi.

3.Moi aussi.

4.Moi, non.

5.Moi, non.

6.Moi aussi.

Humanities: My coat of arms


In humanities, we have been learning about coat of arms. Coats of arms are like a logo for your family, and in class, we invented our own coats of arms. This is the one I made below.

My coat of arm’s shape is just a simple shield. The animals on top of the shield is my pets cat and bird.

Now, on to the inside of the shield. The 2 top boxes shows that I am from Japan and Holland. The bottom left box shows that I like going to beaches. The botto

m right box shows that I like interior designing and listening to music. In the middle and on the sides of the shield are my initials.On the

motto scroll thing under the shield, I don’t have a motto so I just decided to write “FUN!”

For me, drawing the things inside of the shield went really well and it was easy for me, but drawing my cat and bird was very difficult.


My IB learner profile in French

This year in 7th grade french, we started new things which we never did in last year in grade 6.

We learned the french words for all of the IB learner profiles.

1.I think I can be a thinker (Un penseur) because I try to translate the french word into english before asking people.

2.I think a can also be caring (Altruiste), because I help people if they are stuck on some word they don’t know in french.

3.I think I can be a communicator (un communicator) because I ask people questions when there is something I don’t understand in french.

4.I think I can be a risk taker (Audacieux)because I say things even if it might not be the right answer.

5. I think I can be balanced (Ecuilibré) because I speak equal amount of french and english in class.

 words in french for the IB learner profiles:

1. Investigateur – Inquirer

2. Informe et instuit -Knowledgeable

3. Un Penseur – Thinker

4. Un Communicateur – communicator

5. Integre – Principled

6. Ouvert d’esprit – Open minded

7. Altruiste – Caring

8. Audacieux – Risk taker

9. Ecuilibré – Balanced

10. Réfléchi – Reflective