Slow motion scene

7A Drama: Slow Mo Scene from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

In drama class, we got into groups of 4 or 3 and did a short slow motion scene. Our group had to mime setting up a tent in a campsite. First we tried to make the normal tents with lots of bendy poles, but we really really failed, so we decided to make it simple and put a log in the middle and put a big blanket thing over it and pinned it to the ground.

I think we did pretty well, except we forgot about the slow motion part a few times, and one of the people in my group was facing his back to the camera.

I think you can use these type of miming skills when you are doing improvisation, because if you do the miming properly, the people will understand what you are doing and make a good scene.

Drama Miming

7A Drama: Mime Door from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

In drama class, we mimed opening a door. We had to mime that we were opening a door but it wouldn’t open, and we had to come up with a idea to open it. I thought miming to open a door was easy, but I found out that its not very easy, because people opened it in a rough way and it looked like they were throwing the door away.

I thought I was doing fine, but then I noticed that I was kind of walking through the door. I think I was not very successful with miming to open a door, even though it does sound easy. It isn’t. My group decided to use a chain saw to make I hole in the door, but when I made a hole and went through the hole, my friends just thought I made a HUGE hole, and they just walked through the wall which I didn’t mime making a hole in.

I think you can use these miming skills in performance when there is supposed to be something on a stage but for some reason it isn’t there.

Using time

This is the way I use my time in a normal day. As you can see, the most time I use is on classes(school) and sleeping.
In tutor today , we talked about using time wisely.
I think I’m using my time pretty wisely with the balance of work and relaxing, but sometimes I wish there was a few more hours in a day. This is because I am always scared or worried about one thing or another, so I wish there was a extra few hours in a day that I am completely fearless.
I think to be more organized with my time, I should do weekly reviews. It means to over view what I have to do that week, like when there is a test or a assignment due. I thought I should do weekly reviews because I easily forget when there is a assignment due or there is a test for one of my classes.

World view

In English, we talked about world views. This is how you used to think about the world and what you think about it now. This is my world view;

I used to think that the world was always peaceful, but now I think that tons people on earth are fighting.


Holly Thompson Visit

Last thursday, Holly Thomson came to our school to talk to us about how she writes her books and things about writing books and poems and getting them published into a book.

The first thing we talked about was the style she writes in. In one of her books Orchards, the story is written in verses. This is because all the space on the page after the verses makes the people who read it think about it and understand it better.

We also talked about poetry. We looked at many different poems by different people, and after that, we wrote a poem ourselves about something that we experienced. I wrote my poem about jumping off the high dive at the pool when I was about 7 years old.

We also asked her somequestions about her books. She told us about when she started writing books,what inspires her to write, and her audience and things like that. I was surprised when she told us that the pictures for the cover of the book was not chosen by herself, but it was chosen by the publishers. I always thought that the writer chose the pictures themselves since they know the story best because they wrote it.


I really enjoyed  finding out about how she writes and every thing because I love reading books, and I found out some things like what she is writing now on her website too.