Technology digital story; Documentary on Raveena

This is a link to my documentary on Raveena.

In technology class, we made a digital story on anything we wanted, so I did mine a documentary about my friend Raveena. We used the design cycle to make the digital story. For investigate, we looked at a few different digital stories and looked at what kind of things to include and what kind of style we make the digital story. For plan, we made a planning document and wrote down all the ideas for the digital story, and what kind of things to use for akin the digital story. For create, we just made the digital story using all of the things we wrote in the planning document. And this blog post is for the last step evaluate.

In the video, my voice over got cut off for some reason, so in the silent parts of the video, is is supposed to say Raveena’s birthday, hobbies, and things like that.

This is my story board: