Smart goals and future plans (updated)(semester 2)

My dream is to become a singer/guitarist. I want to be a  singer/guitarist because I always loved music and I want to perform in front of people and I want them to think ‘ wow, she’s amazing’. I used to get stage fright but I don’t anymore so I want to perform in front of lots of people and have them like my music. Ok, to the actual point of this post, in tutor class we have been talking about how we can become what we want to be by setting smart goals and planning for the future. This makes it easier to become what you want to become in the future. It might be not be easy to become a singer/guitarist, so now I am going to set some smart goals. Smart goals are:

S– Specific

M– Measurable

A– Attainable

R– Relevant

T– Time based

Goal 1. Work hard and try to get better grades for music. I think music will be important because I can learn about music and singing. I will try to get higher grades for music because I have to get better at it to achieve my dream.

Goal 2.  If I have time, I will practice lots and write covers

The goals above are the goals for becoming what I want to be, but I still have to chose some goals so I can be better in this semester. 

    Goal 1.  Organize my locker and study space better so it will be easier to work. I will try and make my locker and study space clean and organized by the end of next month. My locker is what I call messy right now, so I want to make it clean.
    Goal 2. Find a way to not forget my homework. Even though I always make sure to write my homework in my google calendar, I tend to forget what I have to do. I am going to get my planner book and bring it to school to write in my homework and open it when I get home. I will try to do it by this week.