What does FREEDOM mean to me?

for me,freedom is to have no restrictions. That means to be able to do anything you want freely and without any worries. I think no restrictions also connects to making your dreams come true. I think that because if you are being restricted to do certain things, it can stop you from making your dreams come true.

I think equity is also related to freedom because I think it is important that people are being treated equally. Equity is important because if people are being treated the way they don’t like to be, they will feel mistreated.

I think having no restrictions is the biggest thing in freedom . I think the words young, wild, and free are related to freedom because it makes me think of being very free, and having nothing stopping you from being happy.

I really like how Maya said on her blog that we should have the right to believe in our beliefs and not criticize other people’s beliefs. I also really love how Mihaela said on her blog, that freedom means to be able to be with anyone you want to, even if they have different skin color, or even if they’re rich and you’re poor, even if they’re famous and you’re not. I agree with both of the things Maya and Mihaela said on their blogs.

One thought on “What does FREEDOM mean to me?

  1. I found it interesting to read your ideas about equity – whilst it relates to freedom it has a different meaning and I liked the connections you made. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if everyone really had the chance to make their dreams come true – however big or small they were. I like your picture Elina – it shows your creative perspective on the topic. Well done.

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