How do our values change?

I think our values change because of our experiences, for example you might have had a certain value before something happened, but after something happens you might have a value that is completely different. My values have changed during the past few months, and I think it is because lots of things happened and those things can change how we think and who we are.

Japanese Music Reflection

In music class on Thursday, we went to the drama room (black box) and listened to and learned about Japanese music and instruments. The instruments we learned about were koto (which I used to play in 5th grade), shamisen, and shakuhachi (a vertical flute).

My favorite instrument was the koto, because I always liked how it sounds. Also, with a koto not only you can play pretty Japanese traditional music but you can also play more modern type of music on the koto.

My favorite piece of music was Deep Forest, the koto and shakuhachi duet. I just really liked how it sounded, I liked how it sounded really deep, and it made me feel… I’m not really sure but I really liked that piece.

I think what made the music sound Japanese was how the sound of the instruments kind of vibrates (??).

Movement composition reflection

In P.E class, we got into groups and made up a dinner table dance, and also we got into groups of 3 or 2 and changed a part of oppan gungnam style.

I think me and my group contributed about the same amount, most of us gave ideas and things, but some people were just goofing off and not being much help. Because most of us contributed to making the dance most of the time, making the dance went pretty smoothly. But I admit I goofed off and lost my concentration a few times.

Some people in my group wasn’t concentrating at all sometimes, but we dealt with it by just practicing without them or shouting at them which was kind of bad and not the smartest way to deal with it. Though everyone else in the group was working effectively most of the time, it probably would have made a difference in the dance if everyone worked effectively. I tried to work effectively with the group, but sometimes, I goofed off and probably was not much help, but I did try to work effectively with the group.

What makes a good performance? 

I think the top three qualities ranked in order is:

  1. Synchronization because I think the dance is not going to look very good if the dance is not synchronized with the music.
  2. Flow because even if the synchronization is good, if the dance doesn’t flow it just looks unnatural and not very nice.
  3. Energy because if you don’t put any energy into the dancing, the dance is going to look floppy and weird.

We tried to put as much energy in our dance as possible, and I think our dance is pretty synchronized with the music an I think it flows well.

Art Line Drawing Reflection

For the past few weeks in art class we have been drawing a line drawing, which uses a variety of different types of lines. (hatching, cross hatching, stippling, etc…)

We first learned about the different techniques that can be used in our line drawings. The technique I used most in my line drawing was stippling, because it does take a lot of time but I think it looks really nice. We also looked at drawings by famous artists and identified all the different techniques that was used in the drawing. We also used our computers to combine 2 pictures together to make one picture ( yay technology! ), which was quite fun. After that we just planned our line drawing, drew drafts and drew our final line drawing.

Drawing the line drawing was harder than I expected, because it takes so much time and its hard to get the right darkness of the sky or water or whatever because I decided to use stippling for most of the drawing which I kind of regret while drawing because it takes so much time, but I think it looks nice so its ok.

My weakness while drawing this line drawing was to try to get the darkness and intensity right in the right places. My strength was putting more dimension into the drawing(maybe).

I think this unit was very fun, though some of the things were a bit difficult for me.