French chapitre 7 mise en train answers

  • What are Isabelle and Thuy talking about?

Isabelle’s family in her photo album

  • Does Isabelle have brothers or sisters? If so, what are their names?

She has one brother called Alexandre

  • How many cousins does she have?


  • Who are some of the other family members she mentions?

Her parents

  • How does Isabelle feel about her family? How can you tell?

I think she is happy with her family, apart from her brother because she said that he causes problems often.

TWO ( vrai ou faux )

  • Julie a huit ans – vrai
  • Julie est blonde. – faux
  • Les cousins d’Isabelle habitent à Paris. – vrai
  • Tante Véronique n’a pas d’animaux. – vrai
  • Thuy a un frère. – faux
  • Il a onze ans – Alexandre
  • En maths, elle a toujours 18 sur 20. – Patricia ( Isabelle’s cousin )
  • J’ai un an et demi, je crois… – Her self
  • Elle a huit ans – Julie
  • ask permission? – Je peux…?
  • identify family members? – c’est & ce sony
  • describe someone? – Elle est adorable. & Elle est très intelligente & Ils sont heureux.
  • pay a compliment? –
  • tell someone’s age? – Il/Elle a… ans.
  • complain about someone? – Il est parfois pénible.
  • Est-ce que la famille d’Isabelle est comme les familles que tu connais? Est-ce qu’elle est différente? Pourquoi?

No, because I have a brother, but he is older than me. He is 15.

Minecraft Theme Park Project reflection

For the past few weeks in technology class, we have been doing a project which is to build a part of a virtual theme park on minecraft with 3 other group members. The theme for my group’s part of the theme park was a water park. In the water park area, there is a water slide, roller coaster, pool, restaurant, gift shop, and an aquarium.

I would say that my main structure, which is the water slide, is overall pretty good. It is a pretty good size and the size doesn’t look weird next to all of the other structures in the water park. The water slide is related to the theme of the water park because there are fish decorations and little waterfalls here and there. The water slide and the decorations around it looks complete and well designed. I also built a structure of squigliam, which is a squid and the official mascot of the water park, and also built a few fish around it. I would say that it is pretty cool, and it goes with the theme.

If I could do this project one more time, I would make the plan better. If I could improve the water slide, I would make it a bit higher because it was a little bit low. But I think over all the water slide looks pretty good.

While doing this project, we used the steps in the design cycle which are investigate, plan, create, and evaluate. For the investigate part of the design cycle, I think I did ok. I looked at examples of minecraft water parks, and I also looked at some youtube videos of water slides other people made on minecraft. I think the plan part was ok too. I made a design of the water slide and the whole water park with a drawing application called doozla. For my create stage, I think I did pretty well because I based my structure on the plan I drew, and I also add some things to the structure too. This blog post is the evaluate stage.

My water slide structure

What did I learn about instructional writing?

In english class, we learned about instructional writing, which is basically a piece of writing that is an instruction for something. For p.e class we had to make an instructional writing for a strategy for capture the flag, and we learned about instructional writing to improve our instructions for our strategies for capture the flag.

One thing I learned was that it has to be short and clear, like in a cooking recipe. It also should have visuals so its easy to understand and you can see what the step in the instruction should look like.

This is my finished capture the flag instructional writing.