Puppetry Reflection

Is drama class, we have been working on puppetry. We chose a folk tale or a myth from our home countries and we got into a group and chose one of the stories. Our group chose my friend Mihaela’s romanian story about the importance of salt. I played the salt princess. After we worked out our group and our story, we made our puppets. Making the puppets were a bit hard, as none of us made puppets before but we got it right in the end. After all of our preparation of the puppet show, we performed it to the elementary school students in our school. I was a bit nervous, but I think over all our puppet show went fine.

I think our actual performance in front of the elementary students were much better than the run through, because one of the people in my group forgot his puppet’s lines. I think the run through was more pressuring for us because some of the 8th graders were watching, and they were people who did what we were doing last year.

If I could do this project all over again, I would spend a bit more time to perfect my puppet and my character voice. Also, I would rehearse more to make sure that our performance is perfect.

One awesome thing about our performance was it taught a lesson to the characters and audience, about the importance of salt. One thing that was lame about our performance was that our group’s show was super short.