Art Line Drawing Reflection

For the past few weeks in art class we have been drawing a line drawing, which uses a variety of different types of lines. (hatching, cross hatching, stippling, etc…)

We first learned about the different techniques that can be used in our line drawings. The technique I used most in my line drawing was stippling, because it does take a lot of time but I think it looks really nice. We also looked at drawings by famous artists and identified all the different techniques that was used in the drawing. We also used our computers to combine 2 pictures together to make one picture ( yay technology! ), which was quite fun. After that we just planned our line drawing, drew drafts and drew our final line drawing.

Drawing the line drawing was harder than I expected, because it takes so much time and its hard to get the right darkness of the sky or water or whatever because I decided to use stippling for most of the drawing which I kind of regret while drawing because it takes so much time, but I think it looks nice so its ok.

My weakness while drawing this line drawing was to try to get the darkness and intensity right in the right places. My strength was putting more dimension into the drawing(maybe).

I think this unit was very fun, though some of the things were a bit difficult for me.

Painted Self portrait reflection

In this unit, we have been learning about painting self portraits. In this self portrait, we had to express our personalities with the portrait. The unit question was How do our personal experiences shape our identity?. 

In this unit, I think I improved a lot with the shading. What was challenging for me was to make the color right on the right places. For example, you can see that the right side of my face is lighter. Another thing that was challenging was to make the colors flow so you cant see the lines when the color changes. I found painting the hair pretty easy because I only had to put in a few high lights in the all-blue hair.

My strength during painting the portrait was painting the hair and the simple parts because it uses only 1 or 2 colors. My weakness was painting the face because the small parts like the eyes were really hard to paint.

My self portrait

I put in my personalities in my portrait by splitting the            background in half and making one half white, and the other half black. The white part with the drawings is the happy parts and it shows that my life is fun and that I’m a bright and happy person. The black part shows the times when I’m sad or worried or angry.

I can improve with many of the parts but compared to my first painted self portrait, it shows that I really improved.


My self-portrait reflection

First self portrait

Our unit question was “How does observing help us learn?”. The significant concept was “Observational skills play an important role in our lives and in our artwork”.

My first drawing was not realistic and it was not 3D, and it didn’t have good shading. On my second drawing,the shading was better and it looked more realistic, and it looked more 3D than the first one.

My weaknesses were getting the shapes right and getting the tone right because there was a place where it was really dark and there was a light part right next to it. My strengths were drawing the hair because I just had to make it really dark and , I think I did well on the smudging because the darkness is OK. I used the tortillon and paper towels.

I am happy with the improvement I made because the second drawing looks more realistic compared to the first one.