Puppetry Reflection

Is drama class, we have been working on puppetry. We chose a folk tale or a myth from our home countries and we got into a group and chose one of the stories. Our group chose my friend Mihaela’s romanian story about the importance of salt. I played the salt princess. After we worked out our group and our story, we made our puppets. Making the puppets were a bit hard, as none of us made puppets before but we got it right in the end. After all of our preparation of the puppet show, we performed it to the elementary school students in our school. I was a bit nervous, but I think over all our puppet show went fine.

I think our actual performance in front of the elementary students were much better than the run through, because one of the people in my group forgot his puppet’s lines. I think the run through was more pressuring for us because some of the 8th graders were watching, and they were people who did what we were doing last year.

If I could do this project all over again, I would spend a bit more time to perfect my puppet and my character voice. Also, I would rehearse more to make sure that our performance is perfect.

One awesome thing about our performance was it taught a lesson to the characters and audience, about the importance of salt. One thing that was lame about our performance was that our group’s show was super short.

Silent film analysis

In drama class, we looked at silent films.

1. What emotions are shown in the scene?

  • Scared
  • Confident
  • Happy

 2. How are the actors showing the emotion? Comment on body language.

By doing strong facial expressions, and exaggerate the movements they do to show the emotion. They really are exaggerating all their movements and expressions.

Slow motion scene

7A Drama: Slow Mo Scene from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

In drama class, we got into groups of 4 or 3 and did a short slow motion scene. Our group had to mime setting up a tent in a campsite. First we tried to make the normal tents with lots of bendy poles, but we really really failed, so we decided to make it simple and put a log in the middle and put a big blanket thing over it and pinned it to the ground.

I think we did pretty well, except we forgot about the slow motion part a few times, and one of the people in my group was facing his back to the camera.

I think you can use these type of miming skills when you are doing improvisation, because if you do the miming properly, the people will understand what you are doing and make a good scene.

Drama Miming

7A Drama: Mime Door from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

In drama class, we mimed opening a door. We had to mime that we were opening a door but it wouldn’t open, and we had to come up with a idea to open it. I thought miming to open a door was easy, but I found out that its not very easy, because people opened it in a rough way and it looked like they were throwing the door away.

I thought I was doing fine, but then I noticed that I was kind of walking through the door. I think I was not very successful with miming to open a door, even though it does sound easy. It isn’t. My group decided to use a chain saw to make I hole in the door, but when I made a hole and went through the hole, my friends just thought I made a HUGE hole, and they just walked through the wall which I didn’t mime making a hole in.

I think you can use these miming skills in performance when there is supposed to be something on a stage but for some reason it isn’t there.

Drama Creative movement reflection

6B Drama: Creative Movement (2012) from YIS Arts on Vimeo

In drama class, we have been looking at different movements, like smooth and Jerky movements. We had to make a dance routine with a storyline with 2~3 people. I did my dance with Raveena and Tomoka. Our group danced to a song called Vitamin by Girls Generation, the K-pop dance & singing group.

Our story was about 3 girls practicing to dance, and Tomoka makes a mistake in the dance and we get mad at each other. Then we do solos to see who is the best at dancing, but then, we get sad for not working together because worked on it for a long time. Then, we all act out like we are sorry, and we get together again.

We used techniques like changing our expression for when we are happy together and when we are sad.

The hardest thing for me in the performance was to remember my solo part because I had 3 solo parts. I was also very nervous, so I kept looking at Raveena.

When I looked at other peoples dances, they were really into the music and the dance, but I was really nervous, so I couldn’t really show the facial expressions I was supposed to have in the different parts of the dance.

In our dance, I think we had symmetry,  asymmerty, smooth and jerky movements, and fast and slow movements.

I really enjoyed doing this drama unit, and even though I don’t do these type of dance (I do tap dance) I still had lots of fun practicing and performing.

My opinion of Singing in the rain dance Gene Kelly

In drama class, we looked at the singing in the rain video. We are looking at how Gene Kelly used props, rythm, expressions, and the space.

I really like the way he uses many things in the street as props. Mainly, he uses the umbrella as a prop. He does many things with it like twirling it, opening it and closing it, throwing it in the air and catching it, and in one part he pretends that its his dance partner. He also jumps onto the street lamp pole and kind of hugs it and twirls around it. I also like the way he uses the water itself as a prop. He does this by jumping and tap dancing in the puddles.

The rythm is very important in the dance. Rythm is not only in the music but in the dance too. On a few parts, he does tap dance on the sidewalk and in the puddle and that makes the rythm in dance.

Through the whole dance, he had a big grin. He looks happy that its raining and the song really matches his dance and expression. Even when the policeman comes, he still looks happy.

He really uses a lot of space in the dance. He walks in the city while he does many dances, and in one part, he opens his umbrella and does big twirls that took up the whole road.


Drama 2 min speech reflection

6B Drama 2 min Speech from YIS Academics on Vimeo.


In drama class, we did a 2 min speech about someone we know. I did a speech about my brother.                                                                   I think my volume was clear at most of the points. The problem was that I got nervous and I forgot to say a few things. 🙁                       I think that the projection did not go that far because at some points my volume kind of low.  My pace was too fast because I got really nervous and so the speech got really short. My pitch changed on a few parts. I forgot to pause because I forgot the things to say and I could not find the right place to pause. I did not really emphasize words during the speech.

During the speech, I looked both at the camera and the cards when I needed to. All the way through the speech, I kept fidgeting with my card and my hair.

I think I should improve on trying not to fidget that much while talking.



Drama 1 min speech reflection & improv reflection

This is my video of the 1 min speech I did in drama class, and we had to make a reflection about how we did in the video.

In the speech, I talked about a recess time  a few years ago. For my volume, I think it was nice and clear, and for the projection, I think it was good because the people in the room could hear clearly. I think my pace was a bit too fast because I was really nervous. My pitch did not really change in the speech but it did on a few parts. I paused a few times for breath, and for making the speech more dramatic than it really is.

During the speech, I fidgeted a little and played with my hair a few times, but I managed to smile during the speech.

Improv is about making things up on the spot. A few things I explored in improv was to name the it. Example: “Wow look there! It’s coming towards us!” ” Oh my! it’s a giant cookie rolling down the hill!”. So in that one, the it was a giant cookie rolling down the hill. I also explored the O+A=S. (offer + accept =scene.) This means that when someone makes an offer, you need to accept it and play along with it to make a good scene.

In this unit, I learned some games like, expert double figures, die story die, statues,space jump, and one word at a time. In expert double figures, there has to be at least two people, and one person sits on a chair with their hands at the back and the other person sits behind them and they pretend that their hands are the other persons hands and they have to make a scene in that position. In die story die, there is a few people standing up and a conductor, and the audience makes up a title of a story, and the conductor would point at a person who is standing up and they have to start telling the story, and when the conductor points at another person, that person has to keep telling the story. If the person who the conductor hesitates or says the same thing twice, they have to pretend to die dramatically. In statues, there are a few people who gets formed into a pose and those people has to start a scene from that position. In space jump, there is one person pretending to do something, and after 15 seconds, someone yells “space jump!” and the actor freezes, and another person goes in and that person makes up a whole new scene using the pose the other person is in. In one word at a time, there is a few people stand ing, and they say on word at a time to make up a story, but the story has to make sense.

I can use this in performance when someone gets stuck, I can say something different so the scene can keep going.

Before this unit, I did not know anything about improv, but I knew it was making things up on the spot. Now, I know a lot more about improv.

I want to learn more games so I can practice and do short plays with my friends for fun.



6B 1 min Speech from YIS Academics on Vimeo.

Drama Questions

What did I explore in this unit?

How to make things up on the spot and to accept offers while acting to make a scene.

What did I learn?

Offering+accepting,naming the it,improvisation

How can I use this in performance?

You always have to name the it because if you say look at it, they won’t know what it is.

What do I want to know?

Why improvisation is important in drama.