What did I learn about instructional writing?

In english class, we learned about instructional writing, which is basically a piece of writing that is an instruction for something. For p.e class we had to make an instructional writing for a strategy for capture the flag, and we learned about instructional writing to improve our instructions for our strategies for capture the flag.

One thing I learned was that it has to be short and clear, like in a cooking recipe. It also should have visuals so its easy to understand and you can see what the step in the instruction should look like.

This is my finished capture the flag instructional writing.  https://docs.google.com/a/yis.ac.jp/file/d/0Byu-inP-ruFxTmJvcm5waDcxNXc/edit

How do our values change?

I think our values change because of our experiences, for example you might have had a certain value before something happened, but after something happens you might have a value that is completely different. My values have changed during the past few months, and I think it is because lots of things happened and those things can change how we think and who we are.

What does FREEDOM mean to me?

for me,freedom is to have no restrictions. That means to be able to do anything you want freely and without any worries. I think no restrictions also connects to making your dreams come true. I think that because if you are being restricted to do certain things, it can stop you from making your dreams come true.

I think equity is also related to freedom because I think it is important that people are being treated equally. Equity is important because if people are being treated the way they don’t like to be, they will feel mistreated.

I think having no restrictions is the biggest thing in freedom . I think the words young, wild, and free are related to freedom because it makes me think of being very free, and having nothing stopping you from being happy.

I really like how Maya said on her blog that we should have the right to believe in our beliefs and not criticize other people’s beliefs. I also really love how Mihaela said on her blog, that freedom means to be able to be with anyone you want to, even if they have different skin color, or even if they’re rich and you’re poor, even if they’re famous and you’re not. I agree with both of the things Maya and Mihaela said on their blogs.

World view

In English, we talked about world views. This is how you used to think about the world and what you think about it now. This is my world view;

I used to think that the world was always peaceful, but now I think that tons people on earth are fighting.


Holly Thompson Visit

Last thursday, Holly Thomson came to our school to talk to us about how she writes her books and things about writing books and poems and getting them published into a book.

The first thing we talked about was the style she writes in. In one of her books Orchards, the story is written in verses. This is because all the space on the page after the verses makes the people who read it think about it and understand it better.

We also talked about poetry. We looked at many different poems by different people, and after that, we wrote a poem ourselves about something that we experienced. I wrote my poem about jumping off the high dive at the pool when I was about 7 years old.

We also asked her somequestions about her books. She told us about when she started writing books,what inspires her to write, and her audience and things like that. I was surprised when she told us that the pictures for the cover of the book was not chosen by herself, but it was chosen by the publishers. I always thought that the writer chose the pictures themselves since they know the story best because they wrote it.


I really enjoyed  finding out about how she writes and every thing because I love reading books, and I found out some things like what she is writing now on her website too.

Movie making: Shots & Angles

In English class, we have been learning about different ways of taking pictures. There are long shots, medium shots, close ups, extreme close ups, and shots from different angles. We had to bring comics we brought from home and we looked at the different shots used in the pictures of the comics.  As a class, we talked about the difference between a movie and books. We got many ideas about the difference between movies and books.

I think we did this to understand the difference between the shots and to understand the moods according to the types of shots. For example, if its a extreme close up, it might mean that the person is up to some thing.

I learned the different shots and ideas of what kind of mood it is in the picture depending on the different shots. For the filming, we got into groups of 2 or 3 and filmed a short video including the types of shots we learned.

I think for our video, I think the high shots and the medium shots worked really well.

Mystery/Detective book podcast

In English class, we read a mystery/detective book. We made podcasts about the book we read. I read a book called Gilda Joyce Psychic investigator by Jennifer Allison.


Have you had any comments on your first podcast? Do these help?
While making this podcast, I think I should have talked louder because on my comments, it said that it was really hard to hear my talking
How will working with others help my learning for my next podcast?
It would probably be better for me if we did it in a group becuase you can get feed back while making the podcast.
How could I improve my next podcast?
Talk louder. 🙂