Influence of empires project reflection

This is a voicethread on how Netherlands ( Holland ) colonized Indonesia as the Dutch east Indies before it became modern Indonesia.

What I liked about the slide show was the slide about language, because while making the slide, I learned that lots of the words in Indonesian language is taken from the dutch language.

If I could do the project again, I should have probably talked more on each slide.


Humanities: My coat of arms


In humanities, we have been learning about coat of arms. Coats of arms are like a logo for your family, and in class, we invented our own coats of arms. This is the one I made below.

My coat of arm’s shape is just a simple shield. The animals on top of the shield is my pets cat and bird.

Now, on to the inside of the shield. The 2 top boxes shows that I am from Japan and Holland. The bottom left box shows that I like going to beaches. The botto

m right box shows that I like interior designing and listening to music. In the middle and on the sides of the shield are my initials.On the

motto scroll thing under the shield, I don’t have a motto so I just decided to write “FUN!”

For me, drawing the things inside of the shield went really well and it was easy for me, but drawing my cat and bird was very difficult.


National Museum Reflection

Bronze stamp

On tuesday, the grade 6 went to a field trip to Ueno Zoo and the Tokyo National Museum. We took a train from Ishikawacho station to Ueno station for and hour. We first went to the Zoo which was about 10 mins walk from the station. After, the Zoo, we walked to the National museum which was right next to the Zoo. I thought the museum was a Japanese-style art museum or something, but it happened to be a Japanese History museum, and it  had objects from the different eras.

The object I think was really interesting was the bronze stamp thing. I think someone used it to sign things because there are 4 kanjis carved into it. The stamp was made in Tochigi prefecture, In Heian Period, 9th century. It says that the stamp was accidentally found in a mulberry field in 1927.

When I saw the bronze stamp, I thought it was interesting because I didn’t know there were stamps in that century. I chose to write about this because it had this type of kanji that I never saw before. From looking at the stamp, you can learn that in Japan, the kanji was different from how it is now. I think that the unit that the stamp is connected to is the one where we learned about archaeology, because it was randomly found in a mulberry field.

I don’t think the stamp didn’t have connection with other countries because not many countries and religions used kanji except for China.

Thank you for reading!



Long lost civilization Reflection

In humanities, wehave been learning about many ancient civilizations. We did a project where we made our own civilization.

The thing I am most proud of is the myth of the civilization I made up. I also liked the writing I made. the

I want to improve by making up   some more information about the civilization.

I don’t think I will want to live in my civilization because I will have to believe in dream morning musume goddesses when in real life, they are a japanese idol group. I think life will be really different because the civilization is all my imagination.