Movement composition reflection

In P.E class, we got into groups and made up a dinner table dance, and also we got into groups of 3 or 2 and changed a part of oppan gungnam style.

I think me and my group contributed about the same amount, most of us gave ideas and things, but some people were just goofing off and not being much help. Because most of us contributed to making the dance most of the time, making the dance went pretty smoothly. But I admit I goofed off and lost my concentration a few times.

Some people in my group wasn’t concentrating at all sometimes, but we dealt with it by just practicing without them or shouting at them which was kind of bad and not the smartest way to deal with it. Though everyone else in the group was working effectively most of the time, it probably would have made a difference in the dance if everyone worked effectively. I tried to work effectively with the group, but sometimes, I goofed off and probably was not much help, but I did try to work effectively with the group.

What makes a good performance? 

I think the top three qualities ranked in order is:

  1. Synchronization because I think the dance is not going to look very good if the dance is not synchronized with the music.
  2. Flow because even if the synchronization is good, if the dance doesn’t flow it just looks unnatural and not very nice.
  3. Energy because if you don’t put any energy into the dancing, the dance is going to look floppy and weird.

We tried to put as much energy in our dance as possible, and I think our dance is pretty synchronized with the music an I think it flows well.

Gymnastics Reflection

For this unit in PE, we did Gymnastics. It was my favorite part of PE this year. We got into groups and we chose a song and we made a gymnastics routine/ sequence. In our group, there was Mimi, Marina, Maya and me. This is the video of our group’s gymnastics performance.↑

The skills we used were Cartwheels, Forward rolls, Backward rolls, moves from the paper with many different moves for 2 people and 3 people, and things on the vault.

I think our sequence went well with the music but first, we were going to do a different song, but it didn’t match our sequence so we changed the song. I think the order of how we put the movements were ok.

The skill that was hardest for me was to keep balance when I was standing on Mimi and Marina. I was able to overcome it because Mimi and Marina and Maya was holding me.

The skill I enjoyed the most was the vault because its cool.:)

I think our group used the practice time well though we also spent some of the time watching other peoples practices. I would improve the sequence by maybe making it a bit longer  and to use the vault more because we only used it twice.

I think the performance went ok and I really enjoyed doing this unit.