Element poster reflection

In science class we have been learning about chemicals and elements and all that stuff. In class we all chose a element from the periodic table and I decided to do my poster about titanium.

One thing  I am proud of in my poster is how I lay it out.

If I could re-do the poster, I probably would have done a bit more research, not just the things that I thought were most important.


Science end of year reflection

This year in science, we did many things like learning about random stuff, and we also got to chose what we want to do a experiment about, and in a small group, we would do the experiment we chose.

My favorite thing we did in science this year was the shoe experiment I did with Josefine. It was about which shoe will stay on the plank longest, while we piled up books and made the angle of the plank higher and see how many books will make the shoe move. I thought hiking boots will stay on the plank the longest, but the heels actually stayed on the plank longest.

I also liked doing the crystals experiment. In a small group, we had to heat up some water, put some potassium nitrate in the water and watch crystals form.

I think it was a fun year.

Ueno zoo field trip

We went on a field trip to Ueno zoo and the tokyo national museum for science class and Humanities class. In ueno zoo, we chose a animal to take notes about their natural habitat and their man-made habitat in the zoo.

What we did:

  • We went to ueno zoo to find out about the animals man made environment.

The animal I chose was red pandas, and the cage was pretty small. The environment looked pretty natural, because it had a lot if trees and bamboo. I think there was about 2 red pandas in the cage. I don’t know if the red pandas looked happy because both of them were sleeping in the trees.

I think the reason we have zoos is because people can see animals that they usually can’t see often. I think IF I was one of the animals in the zoo, I would be happy because they give you food, a place to sleep, and things you need depending on the animal you are. To make the animals happier in the zoo, I think they should put in things that will make it more fun to live in the zoo. For example, when I saw the penguins, they just had a fake ice island and a pool around it, so they should maybe put in a water slide or something.

There are many zoos on earth, and I think we should visit them, because the money we pay for visiting the zoo is probably used for the animals in the zoo. I think it is the best to let the animals be free in its natural habitat/country, but I think having a few zoos is ok.


Part 3 My results and further research


For our experiment, we found out which shoe had the strongest grip by putting the shoe on a wood plank and pile up some boots and see which shoe moves the fastest.

These are the results:

  1. Heels
  2. boots
  3. sport shoes & converse
  4. hiking boots
  5. flats

Data Analysis

My hypothesis was wrong because I thought the hiking boots were the strongest but it was 2nd weakest.


I thought the hiking boots will stay on the wood the longest because its slipping-free, but I think it wasn’t the best because its pretty heavy. I thought the heels were the weakest because it doesn’t have good balance, but it turned out that the heels had the strongest grip.

Further research

Maybe we can do the experiment with more types of shoes.


Designing the experiment

What am I doing:

I am going to do a shoes experiment with josefine. We are going to see which shoe is the strongest by  putting the shoe on wood and put weights in the shoe. Then, we pile up books and see which shoe is strongest.

My hypothesis:

I think the hiking shoes will stay on the longest because it is heavy.

My variables:

independent variables: the amount of books                                                                                                                                                   dependent variables: wood                                                                                                                                                                                   controlled variables: the shoes

My method:

  1. Put the weight in the first shoe and put the shoe on the wood.
  2. pile up 2~3 books and put the end of the wood on the books.
  3. keep adding books until the shoe falls off the wood.
  4. do the same with other shoes.


  • books
  • shoes
  • wood
  • weights

Risk assesment

There are not much risks but be careful when dealing with equipment.


Choosing my experiment

What stuff we have been learning :

In science, we learned about cells, forces,and probability and other stuff. I found the forces easy to understand. and I found cells hard to understand.

Our activities:

We did a lot of activities, but my favorite one was the one where we made different types of slime with cornstarch and water and glycerin. I enjoyed mixing it because it gets harder and softer when you mix it. I did not like it when it I didn’t come off my hands and it smelled weird.

My design task topic:

In my group, we are going to do a experiment about which shoes are the strongest.