Minecraft Theme Park Project reflection

For the past few weeks in technology class, we have been doing a project which is to build a part of a virtual theme park on minecraft with 3 other group members. The theme for my group’s part of the theme park was a water park. In the water park area, there is a water slide, roller coaster, pool, restaurant, gift shop, and an aquarium.

I would say that my main structure, which is the water slide, is overall pretty good. It is a pretty good size and the size doesn’t look weird next to all of the other structures in the water park. The water slide is related to the theme of the water park because there are fish decorations and little waterfalls here and there. The water slide and the decorations around it looks complete and well designed. I also built a structure of squigliam, which is a squid and the official mascot of the water park, and also built a few fish around it. I would say that it is pretty cool, and it goes with the theme.

If I could do this project one more time, I would make the plan better. If I could improve the water slide, I would make it a bit higher because it was a little bit low. But I think over all the water slide looks pretty good.

While doing this project, we used the steps in the design cycle which are investigate, plan, create, and evaluate. For the investigate part of the design cycle, I think I did ok. I looked at examples of minecraft water parks, and I also looked at some youtube videos of water slides other people made on minecraft. I think the plan part was ok too. I made a design of the water slide and the whole water park with a drawing application called doozla. For my create stage, I think I did pretty well because I based my structure on the plan I drew, and I also add some things to the structure too. This blog post is the evaluate stage.

My water slide structure

Technology digital story; Documentary on Raveena


This is a link to my documentary on Raveena.

In technology class, we made a digital story on anything we wanted, so I did mine a documentary about my friend Raveena. We used the design cycle to make the digital story. For investigate, we looked at a few different digital stories and looked at what kind of things to include and what kind of style we make the digital story. For plan, we made a planning document and wrote down all the ideas for the digital story, and what kind of things to use for akin the digital story. For create, we just made the digital story using all of the things we wrote in the planning document. And this blog post is for the last step evaluate.

In the video, my voice over got cut off for some reason, so in the silent parts of the video, is is supposed to say Raveena’s birthday, hobbies, and things like that.

This is my story board:

Teachers of the future create reflection

Before the spring holidays, we had to make tutorials on whatever we wanted that is related to school. We worked on it for about a month and we worked really hard on it.

When I was making the tutorial, I learned how to use  imovie, how to use quick time player, and I learned how to use the applications we used for making the tutorial.

I am happy with my finished tutorial because I worked hard on it. There might have been a few parts where I could improve, like repeating the steps more than once, and to work on speaking in a clear voice ¬†because on some parts, I couldn’t really hear what I was saying.

For me, the tutorial was a bit challenging because I didn’t know how to use some of the applications we used to make the tutorial, and to make sure all the steps made sense and it was easy to under stand.

I think the top 3 criteria my tutorial meets were to stay on topic, to do the action while I explained, and the conclusion. ¬† ¬† I think I stayed on topic through the tutorial, and I don’t think I went to anything else. I did everything while I explained the steps through the whole tutorial. For the conclusion, I wrote thank yous and credits.

To make the tutorial better, I think I could have repeated the steps, and I probably should have spoke in a clearer voice.

I looked at Mimi and Marina‘s tutorials. From their tutorials, I learned things like to organize your school papers, you should use folders, and from Marina’s tutorial, I learned that you say some words differently than it is spelled.

Teachers of the future plan reflection

Last week, we made our story board for our tutorials. We made our story boards on paper or on google docs.

Three criteria that I think I did well on were staying on topic because I did not go to other topics, and the other one is that its simple and its easy to follow the steps. The last one is action. I did the steps while explaining how to do it.

I think it will ensure the viewer because I made it pretty simple. I think I did well on explaining it and so its easy to understand. I also think it will ensure people because it is detailed and it is made step by step.

I think I need to learn how to make a good script so the people who watch it will easily understand. I also think I need to learn more skills on imovie.

I want to make the tutorial easy to understand, and that will be useful to the people who watches it.



Teachers of the future Investigate reflection

In tech class, we started a new unit about tutorials.

We had to look at 3 or more tutorials and put the info on a tutorial research sheet, which we wrote about the 3 tutorials we watched.

We also made a practice tutorialbefore we make the real tutorial. I did my practice tutorial on how to put your bookmarks on your computer into a bookmarks folder.

We also had to look at and leave comments on 2 of our friend’s blogs to see their tutorials they chose. I looked at Marina¬†and Keina’s¬†blogs. While we were investigating about what makes a good tutorial, I learned many things l that tutorials should be easy to understand, and ¬†it should be helpful to the person who watches it. ¬†I also noticed the the person who made the tutorials used easy language. By researching the tutorials, I think I know the difference between a good tutorial and a bad tutorial.

I am very exited to make our real tutorials

My favorite tutorial: how to draw the pig in angry birds

In tech class, we have been looking at tutorials and later in the unit, and we researched about the tutorials. Later in the unit,
We are going to make our own tutorials on whatever we like.

We first had to look at 3 or more tutorials and choose one favorite, and my favorite was this one.

My favorite one was the 1st one which is how to draw the pig in angry birds because in that one, the guy explained how to draw
it while he drew it, so the person watching it can understand even it is on the computer.

Evaluate Reflection

In class, we have learned a lot of things for improving our blogs and I would like to share you what I thought when we learned about the blogs.

The part in the project I liked was when we were creating the blog, because  I learned new things to make the blog better, and how to add widgets and how to change the title of the blog or the tag line.I am probably going to change my tagline because it does not really explain what the blog is about. The part I did not like was when we were planing because at the start, I thought that planing it was pretty boring, but when we started to create the blogs, I was happy we planed it because it was kind of complicated.

My strength during this project was to plan it even I said it was kind of boring because when we were drawing the blog designs, I made all three of them very different because I thought that will make it easier to find a theme that was similar to one of them. My weakness was investigating because I did not know what kind of blogs to looks to look for.

I could use these skills in the future because it might be easier for me to organize things on computers in the classes, or when I want to add widgets, or things like that n blogs, I know how to do it.