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Grade 6

My goals earlier in the year were:

  • I want to improve and get better scores at math because I am not really good at it. I am going to achieve this by doing mathletics at home even I don’t need to.
  • My other resolution is to get better at kanji, because I only got a 100% once on kanji test. I will practice at home every week.
  • Be able to organize my locker and belongings better

I think I am getting better at math but I think I should work on it a bit more.

I really improved with kanji because I got much better scores.

I think I am o.k with organizing my things because I clean my locker when it gets too unorganized, but I think I should clean it more often.

The piece of work I really like is the Madagascar keynote from Humanities and my cross country blog post. I also liked my french comic and painted self portrait.

Humanities madagascar keynote

I liked the madagascar keynote because I learned a lot of things about madagascar, like their ecosystems, climate, and everything about Madagascar. I chose the cross country blog post because I worked hard on it. I liked my french comic because it was hard to make it, but I enjoyed making it, and I learned new words in french.

Technology Evaluate video reflection

In tech class, we recently did evaluate video reflection in Technology class and I really enjoyed doing it. It was really fun to do a video reflection instead of typing it. I chose to write about the evaluate reflection because it was my first time to make a video reflection.

Art painted self portrait

In art class, we made a painted self portrait. This is a link to the painted self portrait reflection.                                            I like this on because it took a long time for me to complete, and I had to paint over it a lot to make it right, and I think it came out pretty good.

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