Media Fair Reflection

The media fair was a time where the whole YIS 10th grade gathered and presented their media posters. The poster topics were up to the students but had to be something that is easy to research online. Some of the topics we chose were sports related, national incidents, government related and many more. The purpose of this whole fair was to learn about certain things people do not know much about. We we’re labelled either A or B to see who goes first to teach. I was labelled B which meant that I was able to go around the fair looking at people’s posters first.

As I was going around the fair, I looked at 7 different posters. However, there we’re 4 posters that stood out in general.

The first poster I looked at was by Ayana, her topic was The Columbine Shooters. Eric David Harris and Dylan Bennet Klebold were the two American high school seniors who committed the Columbine High School massacre. The pair killed 13 people and injured 24 others.

I looked at Ayana’s poster because of the detail and effort that was put into the poster. She used different text types and explained each one of them thurrerly. Also, it seemed like she knew about the topic quite well which is another reason why it may of stood out.

The second poster I looked at was by Sungwon. He looked at E-cigarettes and how they affect our society compared to normal cigarettes. His poster was a lot more simple compared to Ayana’s but what stood out was his explanations on the topic. He used graphs and facts to explain the topic.

The final poster was by Peter, he looked at violence in video games. I thought that his stood out because firstly, being a gamer myself brought the attention to go to his poster. Secondly, being a friend of his also made me want to see his poster and finally, he seemed to put in a lot of effort in his research and poster.


Science Un-Ethical Experiment

David Reimer

David Reimer was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba. He was originally named Bruce, and his identical twin was named Brian. At the age of six months, parents of the twins we’re concerned about how both of them urinated, the boys were diagnosed with phimosis. The twins we’re referred to circumcision a month after they we’re diagnosed. Brian’s operation succeeded, however, Bruce’s operation did not go as planned, and Bruce’s penis was burned beyond surgical repair. Because of this incident, David’s parents had agreed to a recommendation made by doctors which was to change David’s gender.

What was it trying to achieve?

This was something I struggled to figure out myself, so with the help of some sources, I was able to figure out that doctors we’re looking at nature vs nurture. They wanted to see the characteristics of David as a female and how different it is compared to an average boy. So, if the characteristics of David was similar to an average boy, the gender identity is nature and if the characteristics we’re to be the opposite, the gender identity would be nurture.

Why was this unethical?

There are many studies to why this experiment was unethical but in my opinion, I think that the fact that Money (the doctor) had not fully explained what this whole transformation was to David. Because of that, David was living his whole life thinking he was a female.

Could this be ethical?

For this experiment, no, I say this because there is no other solution to fix this sort of incident. However, I think that the one thing that could be changed was David and his brother Brian should have been informed and fully explained on they’re regular check ups with Dr. Money.

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World Tonality Composition|Blues

During the pat few weeks, our koto class has been working on music compositions. Each person had to choose a music genre for example, Blues, Flamenco, Greek and Indonesia. I made my genre blues. Here is the song.

My blues composition was a G major scale tuning. I started the song off by repeating the same thing twice and ended the song the same way the song started. I wanted to make my song the shape as a triangle because I wanted to start the song off soft and gradually get stronger. Also the end of the song is very dramatic because while I was researching some songs about blues, I noticed that most endings are very dramatic and loud.

Romeo and Juliet|Which Movie is Better?

To start things off, our class watched two different versions of Romeo and Juliet. One of the movies was by a director named, Franco Zeffirelli who is famous for making Shakespearian movie adaptations. The movie was made in the 1960’s. The second movie was directed by Baz Lurmann. This version of the movie was the most recent out of the two as it was aired in the 1990’s. The actress who played Romeo in the Luhrmann version is a very famous actress who most people know and he is, Leonardo Dicaprio.

So the big question is, which movie is better? As most people could be thinking, they must be very similar since they are both movie adaptations of the same play/book but, since both directors have their own interesting style, they have changed the way the story was told by Shakespeare. For example, in the Zeffirelli version they kept the story very similar to the actual play. When we finished watching the Zeffirelli version, our class started talking about how this version was very similar to the actual play since this was the first R&J movie adaptation. So we guessed that Franko Zeffirelli wanted to keep the story very similar to the actual play. The Luhrmann version was way different from both the play and the Zeffirelli version since this R&J version was very modern. For example, in the play and the Zeffirelli version, the fights were done with swords but in the Luhrmann one, they used guns. Another example is, in the original version there was a chase scene but in the Luhrmann version, there was a car chase. The biggest difference of these two movies was the ending. In the original version, Romeo dies then Juliet committees suicide next to him but in the Luhrmann version they showed the true meaning of the story which is faith. What Luhrmann did was, he made Juliet die first, then Romeo drinks the poison he got from Friar Lawrence. Just as Romeo drinks the poison and when all of us thought they both died, Juliet suddenly wakes up. When Juliet wakes up she glances at Romeo in shock as she watches him slowly die.

In conclusion, the better movie would be the Luhrmann version was better because he made the story a little more interesting as he added a bit more into the story. I say that but if I was a teacher and I had to show a class either one of the movies, I would show the Zeffirelli version because that version was a little more similar to the actual play but I would show just the ending of the Luhrmann version to show the difference.

PSA Design Brief

I am going to be focusing on phone use. In this generation so many people use their phone everywhere. Because of that people miss chances to talk to others. Instead of talking in person we use chat lines. Instead of talking face to face we use facetime, skype or any other video Also the we miss the chances of meeting people because of skype or facetime.

Seeing is Believing: The Graphic Novel

Our second unit for English was graphic novels also known as comics. During this unit we have been discussing some impressions graphic novels and written books give to the readers. Some of the things we shared about some differences was how in a written novel we can just picture and imagine things that are happening in our minds as in graphic novel we don’t need to imagine because we can see what is going on. Another thing we discussed was how in written novels the story seems to be more realistic as in graphic novels the writer can be more imaginative and entertaining.
We read a graphic novel called Anya’s ghost to understand and learn some techniques and see how they are written. Anya’s ghost is about a Russian exchange student who goes to a American school but struggles to fit in. Whilst reading the book we were looking for some visual techniques and ways the author is telling the story using pictures. I was focusing on how to use onomatopoeia and when to use it.
When we finished reading Anya’s Ghost we looked at another short graphic novel with no dialog. It was about a cowgirl called Daisy which we guessed that she worked for some kind of shop. We read that graphic novel because there was a lot of visual techniques used in that graphic novel such as, motion to motion(when the scene changes by a second or so), onomatopoeia(sound used in text form) and framing(Close ups, extreme close ups, medium shots, long shots, tilted up or down shots etc)
Later on the unit we made our own comics and analyzed our comics. Our comic had to be about some kind of teenage issue just like the graphic novel we read, Anya’s Ghost. The topic I chose was bullying and suicidal thoughts. When we finished drawing our comics we made a rationale for our comics explaining the visual techniques used in the comic and the brief summary of the story.
Overall I really enjoyed this unit because in my opinion I really enjoy reading comics and sometimes even making them. I learned a lot about comics during this unit and now I can read comics and see what the author did to make the comic.

Winter Koto Concert Evaluation

In mid-december our Koto group had a winter concert. The concert included the grades from 6-12.

During the preparation for the concert I had trouble with some parts of the song which I found really difficult. What was also difficult about the parts was that I was not the only one having trouble so when we play as a group we seem to be not together. Another thing I struggled was to try and keep up with the group meaning I could not get my timing right when we play together.

On the day we were performing my teacher switched my position to go right at the front. Because of that I got a little pressured because I have never been at the front before. But at the same time I knew that if I made a mistake people would of noticed so I got hope that I would not make a mistake.

After the performance ended I thought that I achieved the things I was not able to do in the preparation of the song. But at the same time I think I would of done better if I used more dynamics. Over all I think I did well.

My educational game

We made a educational game for kindergarteners. Everyone in the grade made one for the children. Some people used language games, math games, science games and some other types of games. This game is called Math Block Fever and is a math game. For this project, my aim was to get the kids to understand there addition and there subtraction.


Socialism in Cuba

What is socialism?

A political and economic theory of a social organization. Also a socialist party is usually owned by the government or the community, but what is a socialist party? “Socialist Party” is the name of several different political parties around the world. All of these parties claim to uphold some form of socialism. So just to clarify just because it is called a socialist party it does not mean that this party has to interpret the meaning of “socialism”

Is Cuba a socialist country? Why?

Yes Cuba is a socialist country, in fact Cuba is one of the remaining socialist states with communist governments. Which means that the government is communist and they function under a socialist economy. Cuba has a socialist party that has been going on since 1925 although that party got dissolved in 1961 but has started a new party in 1965. The party dissolved mainly because the community wanted the party to be a communist party instead of a socialist party. Cuba’s most popular socialist/communist party is called Communist Party of Cuba. The Communist Party of Cuba was founded in 1965 before the Popular Socialist Party of Cuba was merged into the Communist Party of Cuba.

Is every person in Cuba treated equally?
The Revolution has successfully incorporated women into agricultural, industrial, and professional occupations. By 1990, half the doctors and most of the dentists in the country were women. Before these women got occupations in 1990 most men were continuing to think that women should stay home and do housework and maintain child-rearing responsibilities even if they have full-time careers outside the home.
Most men in Cuba were treated like people you would see walking around in Japan except for the black males or in other word african american males. Some example of what would happen to black male in around the 1900~1980, if a black male was walking around in a beach with a white female the male will be arrested(yes this is a true story, look it up or check the bibliography), or when black males are in a white neighborhood they will be put into jail or even punished with a death sentence.

Are there any different classes of Socialism in Cuba?

There are no different levels/classes for socialism. Although there are no there are different types of socialism for example, economic system which is a type of society, a philosophical outlook, a collection of moral values and ideals, or even a certain kind of human character.


Of Mice and Men-Themes

Comment on Theme

I think what Steinbeck was telling us that mistakes you make can cause many problems and they will come back to you in bad ways. In this case for Lennie and George, Lennie made many mistakes although he was not able to handle it because of his mental disorder. Because of the problem Lennie has, George had to make the decision to kill Lennie because if Lennie makes even more problems not only him but also George and the others will get involved which could make Lennie kill one of them. So maybe another thing Steinbeck was trying to say was that even your best friend can make decisions which can hurt you in many different ways which in the case of this book it was about killing your best friend.

Answer the Unit Q
Unir Q: How can writing best draw attention to social 

Most of the time it would depend on the way they write whatever they write for example, they can over exaggerate some of the writing. That can make the audience read or draw attention to read the article.