Media Fair

Reflection on Media Fair

At the start of a new unit in english, we were focusing on media and the information that it can provide for the general public. In the midst of this unit, we were given a task to choose a topic and create a poster about the chosen topic while using sources and different media found on the web. During the end of this unit, both Mr.Kew and Ms.Barbour joined classes in order to give each student an opportunity to present their topic and what they found interesting about the subject. While looking through each poster and chat to other students about their topic, I came across a few interesting topics that I wanted to talk about. During my visit to Mr.Kew’s room, Alex spoke to me about the esports controversy and whether it is considered a sport or not. What I found most interesting about his topic was that he gathered a large variety of sources that all had different perspectives on the situation. One other component of his poster that I found interesting was that even people that were heavily influenced in the gaming community believed that esports should not be considered a true sport. A poster that I found to be very informative was Arunansu’s poster. His poster was about the constant argument between the FBI and Apple. The FBI found a terrorists phone and they requested Apple to create a “backdoor” for the iphone in order to search through it and find any potential plans that the terrorists might be planning however, Apple denied that request because to create that “backdoor” for the iphone, it would have to be universal which will draw the attention of hackers and the governments of other countries. This could potentially harm the privacy of any iphone users. Another poster that I found to be very interesting was Kate’s poster. Her topic was about the justification of banning the Catcher in the Rye. While Kate was talking to me about her topic, I found it very interesting that part of the reason why some countries and or schools banned the novel was mainly because of its influence that it had to the viewers. A few examples that Kate provided was a few articles about serial killers carrying the book while murdering their victims. It is said that the serial killers acted very similar to the character in the novel.Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 3.42.45 PM

unethical human experiments


Identifying the experiment-According to (David Guyatt), Unit 731 was a biological warfare facility that was located in Ping fan, Manchuria and was ran by Ishii Shiro. The main purpose of Unit 731 was to experiment on humans mainly by dissecting them live. Ishii Shiro tested many different things on his test subjects, also known as “logs” or “lumber”. When the facility was being built, they had the captured subjects build it for them. They were equipped with eye shutters so they would not know exactly what they were building. Around that time, some subjects were having blood drawn every few days. The amount of blood was usually around 500cc. When the subjects got too weak than they would perform live dissections onto them. His first plan of action was to test biological weapons that would spread contagious diseases such as anthrax, plague and glanders. After testing that, Unit 731 became bigger and was able to conduct several different experiment. Some examples were injecting 20 grams of potassium cyanide or slowly cooking certain subjects with electricity or even phosgene gas. The test subjects that he has gathered were originally prisoners however, when Unit 731 developed and became a bigger and more important facility, they began drawing subjects out of more remote villages and towns with out their consent.

Is it ethical– By looking through a small sample of the experiments that they have conducted at Unit 731, I think it is safe to say that this facility is very unethical. The victims of this facility were experimented on without there consent and captured, only to be tortured and experimented on for a purpose that doesn’t justify their actions whatsoever. They were not treated with the slightest bit of respect either and were constantly referred to as “logs” or “lumber”.

Possible alternatives-Although they have a reason for conducting some of these experiments, I am sure that there could be many other alternatives. One alternative that you might be able to do is to test these experiments on animals that have a similar structure or at least test the experiments on people that have already died. Overall I feel that this was a very unethical and unjustified facility that tortured it’s subjects and hope that history wont repeat itself when it comes to experiments that are this extreme with little purpose.

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