Evaluation Reflection

In tech we evaluated how we did during this unit. I did my reflection as a video. I HOPE YOU ENJOY!

Tobi Evaluate from YIS Academics on Vimeo.

I hoped you enjoyed the video and like the video said if you have questions comment.

6 thoughts on “Evaluation Reflection

    • Hi, This is Tobi

      I used imovie and quicktime player on Mac. If you go to file on quicktime player it says new screen recording and that’s how I used to show my screen. To video myself I used Photo Booth.

      Thank you for watching.

  1. I think you did a GREAT job too. I like your tip about the bar at the top of the page. I have been thinking about starting a blog myself. If I do I will remember your advice.


    • Hi, This is Tobi

      Thanks for the comment and remember the bar on the top of the page is the menu bar.

      Thanks for Watching. Good luck on your blog.

  2. Fantastic work Tobi! I am so impressed with how much you’ve learned on your blog and how motivated you are to keep trying new things. I can’t wait to see what you learn next!

  3. Tobi, I really enjoyed the video reflection. What a cool way to share your thoughts on your work. I agree with you about the tool bar. How did you make the drop-down menus? Very cool! Also, I really liked how your video played on top of your blog while you spoke. Very nice visual. Did you do this in iMovie? Cheers, Mr. Rinker

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