Becoming A Blogger Create Reflection

Since we finished designing and planning our blogs, we had to create them. The first step was to make an about me page, which is just a page with a short introduction to ourselves on it. We had to include a good title, the correct formatting, at least two forms of media (I used two pictures), and several embedded links to other websites. My ‘All About Alina‘ page is probably the thing I’m the most proud of on my blog, because at first I had no idea what to write on it, but after looking at some of my friends’ blogs, I had some good ideas. I wrote about where I come from, my family, and my hobbies. In the end I think I put quite a bit of effort into it. One of the other things I’m really proud of is my Becoming A Blogger reflections, because I’ve put a lot of effort into them so far.

When everyone had finished their about me pages, we had to put them in our navigation menus, which was quite complicated, so we did it with the whole class. When everyone was finished with that, we had to add certain widgets to our sidebars: search, links, pages, categories, archives and meta.

We had already chosen our blog themes, but we all had to customize them to make them look more like our original designs. For the people whose themes had a custom header, we got to change the header image, so I decided to create my own design on pages. The first thing I did was take a screenshot of the YIS logo from the YIS website, and then I wrote the title and tagline of my blog around it. The last thing I had to do was take a screenshot of that and upload it as my header image. Even though at first I thought my blog theme was a bit boring, I really like it now, because there are lots of things you can change about it.

If we follow the design cycle, it goes investigate, design/ plan, create, and evaluate, so that’s probably what we’re going to do next. I’m not exactly sure though, because we’ve been evaluating the whole time. Whatever we learn next, I’m sure it’s going to make me (and everyone else) an even better blogger.

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  1. Kim Cofino
    07/12/2011 at 1:08 am (7 years ago)

    Fantastic work Alina! I am so impressed with how quickly you are learning new things – your header looks fantastic! I really appreciate how many links you’ve put into this post (and your About Me page). Links are so important so that your readers can see what you’re talking about with just one click. Keep up the fantastic work!


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