Teachers of the Future Plan Reflection

Recently in tech class we’ve been planning our tutorials. My tutorial is going to explain how to multiply and divide fractions. We had to do three different things in this unit: our tutorial storyboard, our tutorial plan, and how to use iMovie. The first thing we did was our storyboard, which was where we made a rough draft of our final tutorial. We had to include an introductory clip and a credits clip, along with one for each step. The credits clip had to mention any music used, anyone that helped us, and images or things that were not produced by us. For each clip we had to draw a little picture at the top of what it will look like, and then write about it in the boxes below. For each clip we had to write the step in that clip, the length of the clip, the script, titles, transitions, and optional background audio. While we made it we had to remember that an excellent tutorial can be understood by anyone, uses techniques to make a theme in the video, has appropriate music for the theme, and has clear transitions.

My Storyboard

The second thing we did in the unit was make our tutorial plan. We had to write the name, description, deadline and priority of each task. I wrote down the eight things I have left to do: editing my storyboard, following my storyboard when I create the final product, make sure the steps make sense, gather all the materials, film the actual tutorial and import it to iMovie, edit the video, and do the final touch-ups. We had to decide the deadlines for ourselves (except for the final tutorial), so it was kind of hard to judge at first, but I figured it out in the end. The last thing we did was learn new iMovie skills, like picture in picture, audio ducking, and simple things like adding music. We got into groups of two or three, learned one of the skills, and at the end taught it to the rest of the class. I had to teach everyone about audio ducking, which is basically where you make music fade out while there is other sound. At first I didn’t get it, but in the end I understood how to do it.

My Tutorial Plan

I think that my plan demonstrates excellent tutorial design, because my instructions are clear and simple, and I stay on topic the whole time. I think that having clear steps, having spoken instructions, and staying on topic are the most important things to have in a good tutorial. That way you can follow the steps easily, listen to the instructions instead of having to read them, and you won’t be distracted by anything else the creator talks about. I can do all these things through my storyboard design by having pictures for each step, simple language, and specifically writing down the script for every step.

My plan ensures that the viewer of my tutorial will learn how to multiply and divide fractions, because I explain in detail what you have to do. I also used some examples to help the viewer learn how to do it in different situations, not just one. I think my instructions are clear and simple, but also detailed enough. If I didn’t use detail the viewer wouldn’t know what to do, but if I made it too complicated, they would just get confused. In my storyboard I made the drawings clear, and wrote down exactly what to say, which I think will help the viewer learn, because it makes a lot more sense than if I had just written in bullet points.

I think that we’ve learned all we need to know in class for this tutorial, but if there are some other skills that are easier, or better, I hope that we’ll learn them soon. I think that when we finish the unit each one of us will know more about tutorials than what all of us combined knew. I think that my final tutorial is going to be great!

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  1. Kim Cofino
    09/03/2012 at 2:48 am (7 years ago)

    Awesome! I’m super excited to see your finished tutorial Alina! Make sure you watch some of the examples from last year too, there were a few similar ones and I think they will give you some ideas of how to actually create your tutorial. Well done!


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