For our PE assessment task this unit, we needed to find an article or video that shows good sportsmanship or internationalism in sports, because we have been learning and playing international rules football. I found this video about some softball players that showed amazing sportsmanship when one person got injured:

This video is a great example of what people should do when they’re playing sports. If someone really earns something, help them to achieve it, because they deserve it. I think that the girls in this video did the kindest thing possible in that situation. The fact that they literally picked up Sara and helped her is extremely inspiring. They probably even knew at the time that helping her would make them lose, but if she hadn’t injured her knee, she would have been able to do a lot more. It was also very nice of the girls because it ended up being Sara’s last game, and I think it was an absolutely beautiful, touching way to finish her softball career.

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