Elevator Scene Reflection

In drama this unit we have been learning a lot about characters and how they are created. For example, how even if it is not included in the scene, that it is very useful as an actor to know things about the characters past and their relationships with other characters. So as an assessment, we got into groups of 4 or 5 and created a scene about our characters being stuck in an elevator. We needed to first create our whole character in a character plan though, and then we all came together and had to create the scene. This is my group’s final scene:

8A Drama: Elevator Scene from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

I think that our group did quite well with the staging, considering the fact that we were in such a small space, because it was supposed to be an elevator. Because of the content of our scene, different characters were forced to move into different places, giving the audience a clear view of everyone. Also the fact that at different parts we are on different levels (with some people standing, some kneeling and so on) helps this.

We also used the space quite well most of the time, even though there wasn’t much space to use in the first place. On the squares of carpeting we were only allowed to use a four by four square as the elevator. However for quite a bit of the scene we were standing in a bit of a semi-circle, which I’m not sure was a great idea because at a few points people in the back were blocked temporarily. Still in general I think we used the space very well, although I wasn’t very sure when we were still practicing and I’m glad it turned out fine.

As for my own character interaction, I think I had my good points and my bad points. My character, Molly Miller is a college student who is in love with her best friend David, which is Johan’s character. Obviously I found it a bit challenging to try to convince the audience of these emotions during such a short skit. I think I could have improved on this given a longer time to build it up, for example. However with the other characters I did not have that much challenging interaction to worry about, which made it easier for me to focus on what I needed to work on.

I think my character was reasonably believable, because at first she just seems like a regular student. However then the audience finds out that Molly is claustrophobic, which I’m not sure if I did a very good job at. I had to decide how to act the part just from what I had already heard about claustrophobia, and because of this, my performance may not have been as accurate as it could have been. Also the fact that at one point Molly starts to panic about everything and then is reasonably fine later in the skit is probably not very realistic, although it was necessary because of the rest of the story. Also if she had been freaking out the whole time, then too much of the attention would have been on me, and we had to try to keep it equal among all the members of the group.

In general though, I am quite proud of our group’s performance and we did better than I would have expected us to. I think it was a very successful assessment, and I hope that we can all continue to do well in drama this year.

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