Infomercial Reflection

In our persuasive speaking unit of drama, our final assessment was to perform our own infomercials. Our task was to create an advertisement for a made up useless product that would still convince people to buy it. In groups of four, we went through a whole planning process. First, we had to come up with a product. Our group finally decided on Air Socks, socks that open at the toes. Our target audience was really all ages, but particularly people with smelly feet. Below is our final video:

8A Drama: Infomercials5 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

Before we performed our infomercial, we looked at examples of real infomercials and noted down key strategies that advertisers used in those. For example, when emphasizing the best points of the product, it is best to speak slowly and in a happy tone. In our group we had one presenter and three characters who told stories about their experiences with Air Socks. For most of the infomercial we all exaggerated happiness, besides in the stories. This is because the characters first spoke about a rough past in which all their problems were solved by the product.

In our infomercial we started with our presenter’s opener, before moving on to the demonstration of the product. After this we had the three different interviews, followed by the price and contact details. Our closer was a jingle we made up for the product. I think that the way we organized this was quite logical, as this kind of structure is what we saw in the other infomercials. However, to improve this, we could have spent more time explaining the product details.

Obviously, since it was an infomercial, we needed to incorporate persuasive techniques into our performance. We made up a catchy jingle and I think that our energy was quite good as well, considering the fact that sometimes we had to play sad or depressed roles. Whenever we were talking about the product and why people should buy it, we made sure to use purr words: words that people think of as nice when they hear them. The tone of our voice and posture were especially important to consider with our energy level. One thing we could have done was include a slogan that people would remember.

My best skill was using the words I said and the tone I said them in to relate to people watching the infomercial. In my character’s story, I talk about how the Air Socks relate to Japanese culture. I think I should work on making the lines I said stand out more and attract the audiences attention better. This was difficult, because my story was not as dramatic as the other two, so I had to try to work with that and make it affect the viewers.

Another group’s performance I enjoyed was AJ, Kate and Marina’s. Originally Spencer was in their group as well, but since he was not there, they had to fill in for another character. I think they did a very good job considering those circumstances, and I also found the infomercial quite funny. Below is their performance:

8A Drama: Infomercials6 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

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