Media Fair Reflection

For our final unit in English this year we studied media. Everyone made a poster about a topic of their choice, and then we shared our work with the other class. The media fair took place yesterday and its purpose was to share our work with our classmates. I looked at quite a few posters on interesting topics.

Raveena’s poster was about pole dancing and how the media considers it a sexual form of dance. Her sources also discussed the argument that pole dancing can have great physical benefits and is a valid source of exercise. One interesting point she brought up was that pole dancing originated in India and the Middle East during cultural festivals, so why does it have the reputation in society that it does now? By choosing a somewhat controversial topic, her poster was very interesting (and very nicely presented).


Raveena’s Poster

Aruna’s poster was about how bisexuality is portrayed in the media. The main conclusion she came to with her research was that many people think of bisexuality as something temporary or invalid rather than a legitimate orientation. While there was some positive representation through TV shows and songs, all three of the more directly opinion-based sources had a generally negative perspective on the topic. Another disappointing aspect of this discussion was that quite often bisexual people get targeted by everyone, even the LGBT community, for not “making a choice” between genders.

Aruna's Poster

Aruna’s Poster

Finally Monika’s poster was about body image and dieting. She looked primarily at advertisements and social media for her sources, which brought up some interesting points in discussion. In society and the media there is a clear beauty standard about women’s bodies, but at the same time, people are warned that dieting will be harmful for their health. This topic is very hypocritical of the media, as it is the thing that sets these standards in the first place, but then when people do things to try to match them they are told that it is not something they should do. This in turn creates the notion that one would have to look a certain way while keeping up their regular eating habits, which simply does not work for most people.

Monika's Poster

Monika’s Poster

There were several other interesting topics, but these were a few that caught my attention and I found brought up important points in discussion. Some of the other posters I looked at were about Kim Jong Un, school uniforms and the Illuminati. I found that the most interesting posters were the ones that found several different point of views through their text types and used these to draw different conclusions about society.

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