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Symbolism Voicethread Reflection

In English we made a reflection on voicethread about our Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark symbolism presentation. Each person in our group talked about one topic. I talked about which presentation I enjoyed from other groups in our class. Enjoy!

Moviemaking: Shots and Angles

In English class, we had an introduction to moviemaking by looking at different shots and angles. We were in small groups, and I was with Tomoka and Raveena. We filmed three clips, each with a different shot. The first one was a high-angled shot, but it was also kind of a long shot, because we filmed from the top of the stairs. The second clip was a low-angled shot, where Tomoka was standing, and I was filming from the ground. The last shot was definitely and extreme close-up. My friend Rhiannu filmed just my eyes, which were closed, and then I opened them. They looked really big with the camera so close.

This is the extreme close-up

In the end it was quite a fun experience, because we got to go out on the roof during class time :). It was also really interesting, because we learned a lot more about it. If you just sat in class looking at a textbook to learn about shots and angles, you wouldn’t understand the concept as much as if you were actually doing it.

This is the high-angled shot

Mystery Book Podcast

We finished a second podcast in English, and this time the theme was a mystery or detective book. I read ‘A Murder is Announced’ by Agatha Christie. After we finished all the recording and put it into Miss Cox’s dropbox, it was put on podbean. Here’s my podcast:

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I had a few comments on my first podcast too. One of them was from a high school student, and it helped me by encouraging me to explain more about which parts of the book I liked. Miss Cox also gave us comments on a google doc, but I fixed most of the problems. I think that working with others will really help my learning for my next podcast. When you’re with other people they can give you feedback, and you can also compare work with each other. Doing this is quite an advantage, because then you get a hint about if the audience will like your podcast. I think that I rushed my recording in a few places, so to improve for next time, I should slow down a bit.