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Child Labor

In humanities class, Layna and I made a Wordle about Child Labor:

Made on Wordle

The bigger words are things that we thought of with Child Labor, such as ‘industrialrevolution’ and ‘dangerous’. The smaller words that are harder to read are all the products made from Child Labor nowadays, the bigger of those in the top 25 products. Also if you noticed the continents, the size of the words depended on how many countries of that continent have Child Labor. We got this data from a website called Products of Slavery, created by the human rights organization, Anti-Slavery International. They are a charity that is working to end all forms of modern slavery around the world, including Child Labor. We made this Wordle to try to make people aware of modern Child Labor and how it is affecting the world.

Town Through Time Project

In humanities class, we just finished an assignment where we had to show the changes in a town from before the Industrial Revolution to after the Industrial Revolution:

Before the Industrial Revolution

After the Industrial Revolution