Grade 6

My Goals

1. Study for tests so that I don’t forget anything while I’m taking it.

For my first goal, I should keep trying, because on our last test I didn’t study, so I couldn’t remember the answers to some of the questions. For some tests I can still do well, but then with some, I’m not as lucky…

2. Share my ideas and work on remembering things (vocabulary, etc.) in science.

I think I am getting better in science so far, because I’ve remembered more, and some things are getting easier. I’ve improved a lot since the beginning of the year, and I think I’m doing better.


The first piece I chose to present is my self-portrait in art. I chose it because it was really fun to make, we learned a lot, and I’m proud of my work. While we were making it we had to learn how to separately draw different things realistically first, including, an eye, a nose, and a mouth. We also learned how to make a value scale to help with our shading skills. A value scale is where you have around 6 boxes, and you have to go either from dark to light or light to dark from one side to the other. After we went over most of those we went on to draw our final portrait. After finished the whole assignment, we had to write a separate reflection about it.

My first and final self-portraits


At the beginning of the unit we had to draw ourselves before we had learned any of the techniques. When I compare that first drawing to my final one, there are tons of differences and improvements. It’s hard to believe we could’ve learned that much between August and December, but we did.


The second piece of work I chose is my first book review podcast from English. I chose to put it in my showcase portfolio because I learned a lot from working on it. Not only did we find out how to write a good script, we also learned lots of new garageband skills. It took a lot of work, because first we had to fill in the framework plan, next we had to make it an actual script that made sense, then we had to actually record what we were going to say, and of course we had to do final editing. To turn it in we also learned something new: we had to export the podcast to and mp3 file, and the put it in Miss Cox’s dropbox. Creating our book review podcast was also an interesting experience, and I’m proud of what I’ve done. Since this was our first podcast, it will really help us for the ones we have to do in the future.

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The third piece I chose for my showcase portfolio is my cross country task for PE. I actually chose it because I should’ve put more effort into it. Originally I made the reflection part really short, and I didn’t have pictures or a line graph. I wasn’t exactly sure if we had to include everything, because I misread what it said on the blog. In the end I made a bunch of improvements, so it looks fine now. The other reason I chose it was because it definitely shows progress in the subject. Not so much in the actual task, but how I improved with the actual running cross country during all the practices. By the end of the unit I was a lot faster than at the beginning, and I think that making a blog post about it helps tie everything together, because after each practice we had to write down the time we got in a blog post. Instead of doing it all in one, I did everything separately, so I think wrapping it all up at the end is a good idea. Since we don’t have that much homework in PE, this will help me with other reflections and big projects in lots of different classes.

Part of my reflection in the cross country task


The next piece of work I chose is for science. I decided to choose our Ueno Zoo trip reflection. We went there to compare the difference between man-made and natural environments. I chose to add this piece of work to my showcase portfolio, because it was the only field trip we went on this year (apart from our week-long field studies), and we had a really good time. We went around the zoo in groups of five, and had to answer some questions about the animal we had chosen. I was in a group with Johan, Justin, Jem and Rhiannu, and I chose to find out about snowy owls. I’m happy that we got to go around in these groups, because we had more freedom and could go wherever we wanted to, as long as we looked at our individual animals too.

This is a map of the zoo


In the afternoon on the day of that field trip we went to the Tokyo National Museum for Humanities. It was close to the zoo, so we just walked there after lunch. I chose it for my showcase portfolio, because it was an interesting experience. Even though the museum was very quiet and dark, it had lots of interesting artifacts inside. We went there to find out about different artifacts that could have been traded along the silk road, because that was what our unit was about. We got pieces of paper to write the answers to research questions on. Because we could only see the Japanese exhibit, there wasn’t much connection to the silk road, but it was interesting anyway. We wrote a reflection about this too.


The last piece of work I chose is from drama. It’s our creative movement dance from one of the last units this year. I chose it because it was really fun to create, and it was quite different from what we had done before in drama. We had to make up a dance sequence in groups, but it had to also have a storyline, like a regular scene. I was in a group with Layna and Rhiannu, and we chose to use the song Freak the Freak Out  from Nickelodeon‘s TV show Victorious. Our story was about three people: two of them are just relaxing, but then the third person comes and starts bothering them while listening to her music. By the chorus, she unplugs the headphones and they all start dancing together. We chose the song because it’s a out someone who never listens or pays any attention, which is what the girl with the headphones was doing. I wrote a separate blog post reflection for this assignment if you want to read more about it and watch the video.

This is one of the parts at the beginning when the girl with the headphones is bothering the other two

All of the pieces of work I chose for my grade 6 showcase portfolio will prepare us for tons of other projects in the future, which is really helpful.

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