Media Fair Reflection


  • write a brief introduction – what was the Media Fair? Where and when was it held? What was its purpose?:

The media fair was an event that was held on Jun 9th, 2016.  The task was the present a topic of your choosing to our peers via poster.  You could out whatever resources you wanted on your poster (images, web articles, etc.) as long as they pertained to your topic.  We were asked to have a variety of text types to present this information, as we wanted to look at different views/perspectives on our topics.

  • select 3-5 participants to write about (explain their topic.)

Johan:  Johan chose to create a poster about the supposed future form of transportation, the hyper loop.  The hyper loop is a form of transportation that greatly resembles that of a train.  It works through a tunnel that implements huge magnets, that launch the capsule that holds the passengers at high speeds.

Sean:  Sean decided to look at the Soka Gakkai, a relatively new form of religion started around 17 years ago.  A key aspect of this religion is the flag which is identical to that of the Romanian flag, due to their respect for the Romanian people.

Alina:  Alina looked at stay at home dads, and some of the ways that they are portrayed in modern society, whether through commercials, or through other media outlets such as web articles or political cartoons.

Erin: Erin looked at cultural appropriation, which is taking aspects of one religion/culture, and applying it to another.  She then went on to look specifically at why this is a topic that is covered more towards younger audiences, such as youtube videos, or MTV.

Sungwon: Sung won looked at E-cigarettes, and the affect that they had on the body.  He presented studies that showed that a small percentile that switch mainly from combustable cigarettes to electronic ones were able to stop smoking entirely.  However he then later went on to state that the effects that electronic cigarettes have on the is not fully recognized.

  • write a short blurb about their poster and your discussion with them. You could focus on the media they chose, the aspects they focused on, or anything else you found interesting.

Johan:  I found that Johan was able to demonstrate his different text types in a effective manner through his different text types, mainly through the layout of his poster.

Sean:  Sean provided humour throughout the presentation of his topic which served as a way to capture the audiences attention, through what is usually a somewhat serious topic.

Alina:  Alina’s poster was just aesthetically pleasing in generally,  and focused  a lot on  the annotation of the different text types, while she proceeded to verbally explain the differences in the way that information was presented in each one, as well as any notable observations.  (As well as her personal opinion)

Erin: Erin’s presentation was overall very well formatted.  I found that it was interesting how she looked at a certain person along with her topic, rather than just looking at culture appropriation in general.

Sungwon: Sungwon’s presentation focused mainly on the factual research that he had conducted.  His poster included a variety of charts and graphs that showed the effect of smoking on the people, as well as how the number of combustable cigarette users has decreased.

Japanese reflection









Unethical WWII Altitude experiment:

Unethical WWII Altitude experiment:

  • Identify an experiment that was unethical and describe it:

During WWII in Nazi Germany, a large variety of unethical experiments were performed on thousands of concentrations camps.  The one that I want to focus on today was one of the more painful/deadly experiments that were performed.  The Nazi leaders would take prisoners that were in concentration camps, and put them into a chamber.  They would then lower the pressure in the chamber, to mimic the altitude of 68 thousand feet.

  • Explain what the experiment was trying to achieve

This experiment was conducted to test the human endurance to high altitudes.  They wanted to know this so that when nazi soldiers ejected from their planes, they wouldn’t die from change in altitude, or from lack of oxygen. This is why the knocked out victim shown in the visual is strapped to what appears to be a parachute vest.

  • Explain why the experiment was unethical

This experiment was unethical because they never asked for the informed consent of the participants, and rather forced them into the low-pressure chamber.  The experiment itself ended up killing many of the prisoners held at the concentration camp due to drastic change in pressure.  The fact that there was no compensation for such a dangerous experiment was also unethical, as generally money is offered to those who participate in dangerous experiments.

  • Identify an ethical way in which the investigation could be performed if possible.

I think that in order to conduct this experiment ethically, the experimenters would have to first be awarded some sort of compensation for completing this experiment. (They would probably want money) Second they would have to get the informed consent of the those who are being experimented on.  And lastly, I think that they could go through more measures to ensure the safety of the participants, like oxygen masks, shock vests, etc.  Even through all of these measures I still don’t feel that this experiment is too ethical, and think that it would be best conducted on dummies with shock gauges.

  • Source references in MLA format for two sources:

Frost, Pearl J. Medical Experiments. 2007. The American-Israeli Cooperative Enterprise. 16 April 2007 <>.

Miles, Steven H. The Hippocratic Oath and the Ethics of Medicine. New York: Oxford University Press, 2004.


Japanese Oral reflection

  • Your speech: how it was compared to the previous speaking tasks:

I thought that overall this was one of the better speaking tasks that I had done.  I felt that I was able to pronounciate my lines clearly, even though it was a little rushed/faster than normal.  I think this was because I was more nervous than usual.

  • Your group’s presentation: structure, roles, etc.

I thought that I had kind of taken the lead in the group, as I introduced what we had made a poster on, and what we were going to talk about.  We then did a equal part at explaining what happened when 与作さんmet each character.

  • Preparation: how well your group collaborated, leadership, etc.

I feel that we had collaborated well in terms of making the poster, and the writing that went along with it.  I felt that we all had done a fair share of work, in terms of talking, and preparation in terms of what we were going to say.


  • ベーシックインフォ:
  • エデイの読んだ本の名前は、『いつでも会える』。
    この本のさくしゃは菊田 まりこ そして、イラストは つよし やすだです。

私の夢 ー Reflection

私の友達の夢は、本当に 詳しいと思います。エデイさんの夢は面白いアイデアあります。例えば, エデイさんの夢の中で、”一番大切スキルは、デサインセンスです。”















My Overall Evaluation of the Game-Design 9U

For my design project, I wanted to create an educational game that my target audience of kindergarteners could enjoy.  For my educational game, I wanted to make a game that not a lot of other children had done in the past, and set out on trying to create a true or false game that uses questions from various different subjects and categories, while still using a relatable theme to the target audience.


In the end, I ended up creating a true or false game with the theme of an airport where the player would have to answer true or false math questions in order to help fuel up the plane.  I think that the game was an overall success as I had met most if not all requirements for the game, including a relatable theme, easy to navigate controls, and a beginning, a middle, and a end.

I think that some future improvements might be improving the controls in which the player would answer either true or false, by making the answers clickable instead of where the player has to type the answers.

I feel that another major improvement that I could have worked on was the art style.  I say this because when I had surveyed my peers, and the target game audience, both had talked about how the art style was a little lacking, and how I should have done a ,little bit more by hand, and considered contrasting colours.