Fit for Life

I have been committed in ballet class for 10 years, and it was and still is my favourite part of my weekly routine. There are classes 2 times per week, which makes me stay fit and healthy. Because ballet is an only significant physical activity that I do, it is very important for me in many different ways. Of course, it keeps me fit by dancing for 2 hours, but also when it gets to the ballet performances, it builds up the trust and improve the relationship, especially with people I am dancing with.

12009695_1780397098854022_5752361284040709526_n (One of the scene of the performances with me and my friends)

My mother told me that “it was an amazing performance (Coppelia)” after my stage was done. I was glad, but it was not really easy to make this stage perfect, because we had practices everyday for three to five hours during summer vacation, and three to four practices per week for normal weekdays, after school. This hard schedule was very tough, and I sometimes did not want to go to practice because of how much energy it takes up everyday, and I was exhausted. However, not only the intensive practices during summer vacation, but normal classes, taught me how good I feel about myself both physically and mentally after the class. Sweating might not sounds good for many people, but I realized it feels very good after being active for few hours.

12043059_1780387385521660_5075981572506709922_n (One of the schedule during summer break)

This is the schedule that we followed for the recital. I was one of the student who starts the class from 5pm, and finishes around 10pm. 5 hours does not sound very long, but when I was dancing for all those time, my legs were getting very tired, and my foot started hurting from the point shoes. I do not play any sports, so ballet is the only way I could be fit. Dancing everyday made me very tired, but when I was done with my practice for a day, it felt really good.

Ballet class does not only keep me fit, but also it creates the good relationships between classmates by spending a lot of time together, and try our best to accomplish the same goals. Sometimes, there were struggles between us that were caused by the difference in the way we think the dance should be. For example, the scene where we had to act like we were mad, I was thinking of looking away to look like I was mad, but another classmate expressed with hand gestures. Because we were the characters who were close friends and known each other for very long time, our teacher wanted us to act the same way. However, as we progress our practices together, we found out the importance expressing and sharing our own opinion to others. I was one of the people who just did not say any word when everyone was fighting. But ballet class changed the way I tackle the problem. I realized the expression and striking our thoughts to each other is one of the ways to build the trust upon each other. Honesty and have an open-minded heart was the key to improve the relationship. This could lead towards the wrong direction, and make things worse, but it could also be the best way to increase the trust between friends. Since my realisation of the importance of these trust and honesty to have create healthy and comfortable relationship with others, I try to say the things that I think it would help them even though I am sometimes not comfortable talking about it. Lastly, I also learnt that I could gain a lot of things by expressing my opinions, by getting feedbacks from others on my thoughts.

12032274_1780397218854010_7238463706866356877_n (One of the best scenes from the performance with everyone)


Reflection on Media Fair

Grade 10 students analysed different types of media about one topic that students were interested in, and presented during English class. Two classes, Ms.Barbour’s and Mr.Kew’s class, were combined and see each other’s work.


This topic was Keina‘s and she focused on the use of models to show how users could be as beautiful and pretty as the models by using the cosmetics. She analysed 5 different types of media, such as modern poster, old poster, social media, news article, and TV commercial. It was interesting how advertisements of the cosmetics and soaps aimed for teenagers all used the pretty models with white skin and skinny arms, but on the other hand, soaps that were aimed for adults are not conveying that users could be like a model. Even the old poster used a picture of beautiful woman, and used a word “snow” to emphasises the white skin. As the intended audience’s age goes up, the perspective towards the issue changes, and especially in the news article, it states the fact and show as if the author knows the way to solve this problem. This topic interested me, because on TV, we always see the good side of the products that companies want the consumers to know, so I did not actually know what bad about it. Also the ways that companies convey the message and persuade the consumers were very interesting, since a lot of them use similar method.


Frozen Food 

Marina analysed the advertisement, packaging, social media, TV commercial, and news article about frozen food. It was interesting how companies use vegetables and fruit with the actual product in the photo to show that they are also good for the health by having vitamins in. However, the media that is saying that frozen food are bad, is criticizing about the use of meat in the Frozen food, and how much sodium in their. The image used in the news article was very disgustingly shown to make the argument stronger. Ways that companies and author devise were very effective, and impacts the audiences. This topic was one of the most interesting posters out of all the posters that I looked at, because a lot of parents in Japan use those frozen foods for children’s lunch. By learning about the dark side of the frozen food made me reconsider about the use of frozen foods, and not be persuaded to buy those foods by the appearance that companies are making it look good.


Tea Dogs

Zerric worked on analysis of the media about tea dogs and its breeding. He used report (negative), video (negative), photograph (negative), brochure (positive) and advertisement (positive). As well as the other two, a lot of positive media that he used stated almost the same thing, for example, tea dogs are super cute, they are very small, and use pretty pictures that professional took. Zerric told me that he found out that tea dogs’ life expectancy is very short compare to other dogs, because their organs are artificially made to be small. Negative media tend to use the personal stories to tell the story about what happened to the pets, and advocating that tea dogs are not supposed be breaded as well as not to buy them. The impact of personal story from the experience was a very strong element to convey their main message, and because it was emotional, it was more impactful than the ones that are stating the how cute they are to persuade people to buy. Reports and video described how this is a big issue. These text types did not hide any information from the audiences, as the brochures and advertisements did. Brochure and advertisement that Zerric introduced did not sat anything about life expectancy, which is the fact that companies want to hide about from the consumers.


By looking at those posters, I learnt not only about the new facts on each of these topics, but also found out that generally when companies or organisations want to promote their product, they would not state any facts that are negatives. They also tend to use the photographs, a picture that was taken by professionals, to be attractive for many consumers.


Personal Project


The goal of my project is to create an organization that gives a mental supports to people involved in the pediatric cancer recovering process. Consequently, I made an organization called “Share for Smile” and create a home page for it. To accomplish this goal, I researched about the general information on childhood cancer using datas and documents, and then looked into the existing organizations. Through that process, I decided to find the problems and establish a new organization. In order to see my focused point is on the right track, I interviewed the people who experienced the hard time. As it is shown, I planned my work toward the goal. 

         My project focuses on identities and relationships because my goal was to create a community using social networks so that people using it could feel free to exchange information, encourage each other, and discuss their future. This goal is primarily focused on the relationships that people builds up world-widely, and the community that they establish within the space that is provided. As I was going through the process of creating one main good goal, the global context guided me to finalize and narrow my goal down to more specified one. I had a vague idea of helping people. Principle idea that I wanted to focus throughout this project was to help people surrounding the childhood cancer patients, especially family, to heal the issues of mental side. A global context, Identities, and Relationships was the best fit for me to lead the way to accomplish my goal. People’s community, relationships, the mental side of their identities are involved in this global context, which was one of the main things that I concentrated. Thematic idea of global context and the goal that I settled matched, which I chose this global context to work out my project for almost a year. If I decided to work my project with different global context, it would have been very different. However, I was aiming to make people feel better from the encouragements that they could get from all over the world.

Selection and Evaluation of Sources

a. My Goal

My goal is to establish an organization that could mentally support patients and people who are helping patients with the international perspective. Therefore, I made a website called Share for Smile, which could be accessed from anywhere in the world, share feelings and get psychological and comprehensive support.

 When I was seven years old, my mom got cancer. Although I was too young to understand the details of cancer, I was scared of my mom leaving me on this world alone. From this background, I was interested in how I could support the people who are encouraging the patients. I especially felt that not only patients but also surrounding people of patients need psychological assistance to get over the terrible time.

    Throughout this project, I was trying to find out the reality of the care that is provided to the family, and what we, the normal people, could do to take a part of helping those who is feeling down. Most of us, including myself, do not know how parents are feeling, and how much that mental care is offered to them though the process of recovering. By understanding the truth of the provided care to the patients and families, there would be more chance of becoming more active on this topic. I thought I could be more aware of the problems that are going around in a part of our society if we are engaged in these things that we do not think about in daily life. Things that I was curious about led me to the goal that I wanted to accomplish over this project. “Establishing healthy relationships with others will help us mentally and physically.” one of my teachers of PSHE taught us that also impacted me to have an idea of doing this project. Through those classes about the importance of mental health and spiritual side of us, I became very interested, so I started working on this topic for my personal project.                    

b.Research Skill

   To collect information that is from reliable and legitimate sources, which are not as biased, for my project to be supported by the abstract thoughts. To make sure that the information was as unbiased as it could be, I thought OPVLs, opinion, purpose, values, and limitations of every sources that I used (see Appendix A). For the research that I had to find information that I needed, and for the creation of final product, I used websites for each organization to see what they are doing, and analyzed the good points and limitations of that website itself, and the information posted there (Appendix B). I also used official reports that scientists wrote, articles, which were all written by different people from the different publisher, so that there would be a full range of information that I could get. I demonstrated ATL research skill of media literacy by analyzing and evaluating the information from a variety of sources, such as digital social media and online networks with different people through email.

    To find wether I could help people by creating this website, I first researched who is either a survivor or experienced hard time as a family of pediatric cancer patients to contact to. It is impossible to get unbiased information from the interview, but I tried to reduce the amount by interviewing different people with different background. Three people, I interview all had a different background. Person A was from England, and she lost her daughter who had cancer when 19 years old. Person B was from the United States and lost her son who was 14 years old. Final person who I interviewed was from Japan, and her daughter survived, and now she is at the age of 4.  I thought if I focus on people who are from a different location, they might have the same opinion on negative side about what I was trying to accomplish. To get information that applies to everyone from all around the world, I attempted to reach out to several people who are from an entirely different place with a different medical system of cancer treatments (See Appendix C). Using an interview as sources for my project was one of the ways to show a thinking skill, which is one of the ATL skills. By inquiring of different people to gain the different perspective on one thing showed this ability. Also, communication and social skills were also used.

    And to analyze the information on organizations that are working on, I tried to visit the reputable or considerably significant organization. This was because small organizations have a lower possibility of supporting people around the world than other big organizations. It is more reliable to analyze the information that may have worked with wide range of people because they have more data than the smaller groups of patients and their families needs.

    My top priority for researching about cancer was to find the exact or close information from different sources so that the information that I collected were correct, valid, reliable, and legitimate to present it and use it as part of my final product. Finding and using the right information was one of the important things for my final product because I should not share an incorrect information to people who are trying to look for a real, hopeful details.  

Action plan and taking Action

I used my self-generated TSC to be sure that I made what I was trying to make for my final product. I assessed my final product by the appearance of the website which includes colors, visuals, and organization, and the information contained about pediatric cancer itself, and what I am trying to do (See Appendix D). I choose these to assess my final product because it demonstrates my development throughout the process. Including the information that I collected into my final product will represent one of the biggest parts of my project, which is also one of the reasons why I made a website. Information that I collected and analyzed played a big role because I was trying to create a community where correct and reliable information are exchanged among people who are accessing to my final product. This means that all the information had to be from the reliable sources, and also had to be found in different places to be sure of the accuracy.

    The appearance of my final product was also one of the important factors of my final product because I am dealing with many sensitive things for everyone, and sometimes they lost their child.  It means that I have to make my final product that everyone feel comfortable sharing. Otherwise, it will discourage rather than encourage those people. My research, the interview, showed that it is important to have an at the home styled website to become comfortable talking to others about their experiences and their complexed emotions full of anxiety, sadness, anger, and hopelessness. From all of those factors described in this paragraph and one above it, self- created TSC appeared to be helpful because all of the factors that I mentioned there were all the things that might help people to be more open about themselves to heal their feelings.

b. Action Plan

For the goal I set, I planned out the things as below. Firstly, I had to understand what pediatric cancer is, how cancer medically and socially affects us. Therefore, I collected information from WHO, World Health Organization, and websites of other Japanese and English investigation center for cancer. I had basic knowledge on cancer from my experience, but I acquired new knowledge, such as the reality of this illness and how difficult it is to be treated. As a result, I was able to make sure that my problem was posing, needs of mental support for patients and others who are helping the patients, is going in the right direction.

    Secondly, I approached to the problem that I faced when I thought what kind of organization I should make. Accordingly, I used the way of interviewing families who experienced pediatric cancer and researched the existing organizations. By investigating the existing organizations, I was able to use the good parts, and improve the bad parts of my organization. I used big organizations that base their activities in Japan as the sources. By interviewing to the people gave me an opportunity to think about the structure and primary focus of the organization more in depth. They told me the importance of the mental support and agreed to my idea of establishing the organization.

    Finally, I got to a point where I had to analyze all the information that I gathered, and what kind of organization that I will establish. This stage was the hardest part out of the whole process that I went through. I first came up with an idea of creating a booklet, but by using the internet, it allows me to establish an organization with low cost.  

c. Self-management Skill

    Throughout this whole project, self-managing was the one of the most important factors. Process journal was the one material that stayed me organized. I learned that process journal was a key for the project to be done and accomplished. Therefore, I thought the improvement of the use of process journal will also improve my self-management skills.

 My organizational ability of the research, information, and visuals in my final product have improved significantly throughout this project towards the end of the final product due date. When I started this project, I did not use my process journal wisely and efficiently, which made me difficult to continue the project on the other day. Sometimes, I even repeated the same thing, because I did not have anything to make sure that I did the task. Use of process journal has gotten well, which made me stay organized and keep track of important things that I did to complete my final product. As soon as I researched something that is useful for the project, I wrote it down, so that I know what I was doing. I researched the same thing twice and did not even notice them until writing it down in my research notes. From that day, I tried to use process journal as efficiently as possible so that it is easier for me to get hold of what is going on. Looking at the process journal entries, it clearly stated what I worked on, and it also said what I had to work on next. This use of process journal made my path toward the ending clearer and made it easier for me to manage the time well. It was not easy to keep on going with the timeline that I made at the beginning of this project. My time management skill could have been worked better because it was not the most successful way to complete what I want it to be done.

Achieving the goal

a. Product

As I explained in a goal, I established an original organization using website tool to support pediatric cancer patients, families, and people around them mentally (See Appendix E). This organization could be accessed from all over the world and be a part it. There are patients and families with childhood cancer all around the world so that it was necessary to create a place where they could remove their anxiousness. These days, we live in an information-oriented society, so it is much easier to make them communicate from all over the world. This was very useful for me who’s goal was to provide a mental care who are involved with a childhood cancer. I thought of making people encourage each other and share information from anywhere, anytime through a website. Additionally, interview to the people who went through these affected me as well. Their stories were very useful because it gave me an idea of what kind of things I should focus on, and organize my thoughts. The purpose of this final product was to connect everyone from around the world and provide the mental care, which is a big part of the global context that I chose, Identities and Relationship. 

b. Communication and Social Skills

During the process towards the accomplishment of my project, it was important to get suggestions from people around me. First of all, it was not hard to choose a topic for my project, but it was hard to figure out how to approach on that topic and how to develop that idea. It was not easy to come up with an idea of how to design and expand the idea of childhood cancer. Therefore, I went over the Learner’s profile, ATL skills, and global context to expand on my idea and thoughts that I had. As a result, I set a goal that focuses on the environment of patients, families, and people surrounding the patients of childhood cancer, and establish an organization.

    It was very hard to collect a lot of information using the sources that are reliable and analyze it to apply to my final product. As I mentioned before, selecting tons of information was one of the hard things, but the interviews that I did helped me a lot. Their opinions and advice helped me chose good information than attacking to the enormous amount of information by myself. To accomplish my goal, I first started to collect information on existing organizations that supports patients with pediatric cancer. It was very hard to gather the information on what existing organizations are working on it, analyze and evaluate that information. The result of the collection of the researched information made me conclude with that mental care provided toward patients and families are not enough; for example, there is an organization that is holding the international events and conveying to the audiences that they are an international organization. This result took my idea to this final product, where everyone could feel better by talking to another person who experienced those things and getting advice from them. This demonstrates thinking skill by applying what I learned from my research to the final product. Transferring one idea to another idea in a different form is a one of the skills that I showed here, and it is also one of the elements of thinking skill.

    Even though I had an idea of mentally helping patients and families, it was hard to come up with the idea of creating a website and express my idea. Because people who went through knows a lot more than we know about cancer, and how they felt, so I contacted three people from three completely different places. This helped me a lot because they all told me that they were mentally ill and anxious about everything that is relating to their child’s condition (See Appendix F). Also, this was my first time making a website, so I did not know how to make one, so I had to ask someone to help me learn the coding. Fortunately, my mom was able to help me design a website, so I asked her if I could get some advice from her. She taught me the necessary things, and from there, I had to either figure it out by myself or ask her to help me again, when she was available. This demonstrates a communication skill in ATL skills, because I had to use a variety of speaking and writing techniques to communicate with a variety of people, such as persons who experienced those things, my dad, and supervisor for the advice.

Reflecting on learning

Overall, my final product, a website connected with Facebook, contained most of the level 7~8 things, because it had a lot of visuals and hand-drawn pictures that I think it makes people easier to have a look at the website (See Appendix G). Because there are many visual representations, people with a broad range of people could come and have a look at the website. It also uses easier language than other websites that are aimed for adults and children to have a look at. There are two language options available to make it more international because one of my goals was to create a community where all around the world could easily get access to. This language options also demonstrate communicator, because I expressed my feeling and information that I got in different languages. It also contained a good amount of information that I collected and applied both my prior knowledge and the knowledge that I got from the research.

    Through this project, I learned that most of us are concentrating on only patients, and how they are same as us, but people surrounding patients, such as family members and friends are having difficult times at the same time. Of course, medical treatments are crucial for the patients, but it is also important to provide the mental care for the families. It was great to learn about the importance of mental care that are not noticeable only with death rate and other statistical data. I think the impact of everyone understanding the importance of supporting surrounding people of the pediatric cancer patients, will have a tremendous impact on them because there will be more organizations established to help and make them feel better. This will have positive effects on them since there are not enough amount of mental care offered in the general process of recovering from cancer. However, if organizations are helping people mentally, it might gradually affect the government to consider the importance of its care. If the idea of mental care was adopted in the general process of healing cancer, people do not have to feel any anxiety anymore, and could lead to the availability of more frequent reliable information exchange. If I could redo this project again, I want to go more in a depth of the psychological effect of the colors and visuals to make it even more effective for people who visited my website. Also, I want to research more about pediatric cancer and the emotional connection between each type of childhood cancer, so that it will be more specific to each visitors depending on what kind of illness that they or their family member got.

    As I was proceeding this project, I developed my organizational skill, which was to plan a realistic schedule and meeting deadlines. I was also able to improve my research skill by analyzing information and evaluating the sources that I went, and collaboration skill when I accept the idea that is suggested by people who are from the entirely different world. As the project progresses, I think I got better at communication by getting in touch with adults who I do not know, and my supervisor. I was not able to plan a realistic schedule in the beginning, and I was trying to finish my project by the end of November (See Appendix H). Through this project, I learned how much considerable schedule planning is necessary. Evaluating and analyzing the sources and information was one of the most important things for this project. Throughout the project, I understood the necessity of using reliable and legitimate websites sources. Collaboration skill was one of the biggest skill that I believe that I improved on. This was my first time to collaborate and ask for help to adults who I do not know, but they suggested me a lot interesting idea that they think it will work, so I tried to incorporate that idea into my final product. This incorporation of the idea represents the collaboration skill from ATL skills and Open-minded from IB Learner’s Profile. Communication skill was also one of the principle skill that required me to get improve on. In the beginning, I was not sure how to write an email that is harsh to a person who experienced hard things to talk about it, and even to my supervisor, I was not able to develop the communication skill and caused me in a lot of troubles, such as not meeting the deadlines.


Throughout this Personal Project, I was able to develop my understanding on my topic and the global context. I improved my abilities, such as solving the problem as I face it, collect information and analyze it, communication skill to communicate with a lot of people to accomplish my goal.

 As a result of investigating how to support people who are involved with recovering process of cancer, I learned the importance of giving mental care. This allowed me to establish a new organization, which I strongly think I fully accomplished my goal.

   Lastly, this project gave me an opportunity to decide my future career as well as to learn about the things that I did not know. I was interested in becoming a psychiatrist or a counselor to help people who have mental issues and lead their life to a positive situation. However, I was not sure if I want to lead myself to the carrier of a psychiatrist, but throughout this whole project, I realized the importance of mental health, so I  became more confident about helping people not from the physical side, but from the mental side.


Appendix A: OPVL analysis of the source that I used on September 21st, 2015Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 1.02.48 PM

Appendix B: Overall analysis of good points and bad points of the websites that I usedScreen Shot 2016-03-04 at 1.03.43 PM

Appendix C: First email that I sent to the interviewers

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 1.04.32 PM

Appendix D:  TSC that I created for my final product to assess myself

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 1.06.07 PM

Appendix E:  Screenshot of my final product:

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 1.07.15 PM

Appendix F : Questions that I asked to the interviewers

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 1.08.09 PM

Appendix G: Visual representations in website

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 1.08.53 PM

Appendix H: Action Plan that I wrote

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 1.09.33 PM

Commitment to CHT

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 5.34.23 PM      12047198_1631450767127755_8447259626108401713_n

I have been taking a part of GIN Combating Human Trafficking Group for two years.We have a meeting once a week and talk about the a lot of things, from basic knowledge on this issue to the things that we are working on with Lighthouse, which is an organization that we are working with. Positioning myself in this group helps me understand the things that I never thought of or never knew before. If I were spending my daily life just in my small world with my friends and families, this problem would have never come up into my mind, because it is not easy to think or see it. Also, this is not one of the major issues that people conceive when they hear about problems in Japan, which is not true. Japan is the one of the biggest sexual-industrial countries around the world, such as JK business targeting high school students. Because this issue is unfamiliar, I gained this knowledge by joining this group and understand the things that are happening outside of my world.

As we work closely with Lighthouse, I feel that we develop our knowledge, and increase the sphere of activities that we are committed to. One of the things that we did with Lighthouse was to speak as a guest at the event that was held on September 24th at Bunkyou Shibikku Center. This event was sponsored by Social Justice Fund in Japan, and us, the GIN Combating Human Trafficking Group was invited as a guest for this event. Shion, Sam, Marii, and I represented a group to talk in front of people from our group and adults who are not part of YIS community. It was an unusual experience for me to talk in front of adults who have children about the same age or a little younger. If I was not taking a part of this event, I would have just viewed and thought of this problem only from the student perspective, which is to support this organization and spread awareness. However, by going to this event, I noticed not only the importance of thinking about the ways to avoid putting ourselves into these problems, but also the ways that we could solve those problems, and reach helping hands to those who are currently fighting against this problem. This problem might not go to be gone forever, but, at least, students, both boys, and girls, should know that there are places that they could go and talk to so that they could get help from the professionals.


Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 5.29.53 PMScreen Shot 2016-02-19 at 5.27.16 PM

Screenshot on the right is the officially published Asahi Shimbun article on introduction to our group, and the one on the left is the advertisement poster for the event by Social Justice Fund saying YIS Combating Human Trafficking group will be a guest at this event. Getting an opportunity to talk to adults gave me a different perspective of viewing this problem, and I was able to learn a lot of things from this unfamiliar environment. Also, as a community of the school, we try to avoid talking about these sexual things, even though this is a reality, and it could happen to anyone, anytime, anywhere. I think understanding about those things and raising awareness through bake sale, events, and other opportunities will help students to be aware of these problems so that they could ask for help before the problem gets worse.

I would like to continue taking a part of this group to be engaged in a community service group that might a great impact on people’s daily life, especially high school students. Currently, I am working in a translation group, which is a sub-group of this whole group. Translating manga provided by Lighthouse will allow much more people to read for all around the world, and this problem will be noticeable by a lot more people, which also means that they will have more access to this knowledge that could help people around us. I hope to expand more knowledge on this issue to raise more awareness to all over the Japan by participating in advocacy events, and bake sells so that students in YIS are aware of this issues and be more careful of their actions in both social medias and general conversation that they have with others.


Chapitre 7 : Activités

Activité 1

1. How does Bruno feel at the beginning of the story?
A. Bruno is feeling out of sorts.
2. What three things do Céline and Hector ask him about?
A. Time Bruno slept last night, if he had a breakfast this morning, and if he does any sports.
3. What do they suggest to help him feel better?
A. Eat fruits and vegetables and go to gymnasium.
4. Where do Hector and Bruno go? What do they do there?
A. They went to the gymnasium, did weight lifting, cycling, and aerobic.
5. How does Bruno feel at the end of the story?
A. He hurt his ankle, so he was enough of Hector’s advice.

Activité 2

1. Bruno s’est couché vers minutes.
2. D’après Céline, il est important de bien se nourrir.
3. Bruno fait du sport rarement.
4. D’après Hector, pour élever le rythme cardique, il faut tonifier les muscles.
5. Bruno s’est fait mal à la cheville.

Activité 3

1.find out what is wrong with Bruno?
     A. Qu’est-ce que tu as?
2. give him advice?
A. Tu as…?, Tu devrais…
3. justify their advice?
A. C’est bon pour toi, Il est importante de…
4. offer encouragement?
A. Encore un effort, Tu y es presque., Courage
Bruno says…
5. tell how he’s feeling?
A. Pas terrible
6. express his discouragement?
A. Je n’en peux plus!, Je suis déjà crevé
7.complain about an injury?
A. J’ai mal à la cheville.
8. express his annoyance with his friend?
A. J’en ai marre de tes conseils!

Activité 4

1. b – Je me sens tout raplapla.
2. c – J’ai sauté le petit déjeuner ce matin.
3. a – Il est important de bien se nourrir.
4. d – Il faut tonifier ses muscles.

Activité 5
Je pense que ce sont de bons conseils, parce-que ces conseils sont tout très important.  Je Bruno conseils dormir plus tôt et réveiller plus tôt, à place ce de dormir plus tard et réveiller plus tard. Si mes amis moi donnent des conseils, alors je vais apprécier mes amis pour me donner des conseils.


Allez, Viens! Level 2 Chapitre 4 (Mise en train)

Activité 1

  1. Why are the students taking pictures?  –  Because there will be a photography competition.
  2. What do Agnès and Jean-Philippe take pictures of?  –  They are going to take pictures of sights.
  3. What do they emphasise in their presentation of Martinique?  –  The beauty of Martinique. 
  4.  What do Stéphane and Lisette take pictures of?  – They are going to take pictures of residents.
  5. What are they trying to show in their photo-essay?  –  The daily life in Martinique and appreciate them.

Activité 2

  1. L’île est verte toute l’année… d) parce qu’il y a toujours un peu de pluie.
  2. C’est un paradis pour les pêcheurs… c) parce que le climat est doux et la mer est toujours bleue.
  3. Beaucoup de gens se lèvent à 4h… e) parce que le travail commence très tôt.
  4. C’est une île très colorée… a) parce qu’il y a des fleurs de toutes les couleurs.
  5. On aime se balader ensemble le samedi après-midi ou le dimanche… b) parce que c’est quand la famille peut être réunie.

Activité 3

  1. Stéphane et Lisette
  2. Agnès et Jean-Philippe
  3. Stéphane et Lisette
  4. Agnès et Jean-Philippe
  5. Stéphane et Lisette

Activité 4

  1. Suggest that they participate in the photo contest?
    Agnès – Ça te tente de le faire avec moi?
  2. Accept a suggestion?   – Pourquoi pas?  – c’est une bonne idée.
  3. Describe what’s on the island?     Stéphane et  Lisette: C’est aussi l’île des Martiniquais…
  4. Describe the weather?  Agnès et Jean-Philippe: Chaud même parfois, mais il y a toujours un peu de pluie.   Stéphane et Lisette: toujours bleue et le climat doux
  5. Tell when and how often they do something?   – D’habitude…  – le samedi

Activité 5

Je vais prendre la photo du port dans Yokohama. Je vais aussi prendre la photo de la tour Landmark.

New Words

  1. autrefois – once
  2. chaleureuse – warm
  3. baigne – bathes
  4. même – even
  5. mallows – mallows (plant)
  6. les arbres – trees
  7. immenses – huge
  8. coucher – sleep
  9. apprend – learns
  10. les gens – people
  11. tôt – early
  12. surtout – mostly
  13. les pêcheurs  – fisherman
  14. les daurades – bream
  15. les thons – tuna
  16. selon – according to
  17. les vendre – sell
  18. balader – stroll
  19. parfois – sometimes
  20. parmi – among
  21. quelques – a few
  22. plusieurs – several


Remake the Music Using Pentatonic Scale

I remake the melody using the pentatonic scale to improve my previous melody. The one I made last time did not flow, and was very difficult to sing a melody, because the gap between two notes were too big. So, for the second one, I made the gap between two notes only 2~3 notes apart, so that it does not go up and down like crazy.

Compare to the one I create before and the second one, it made a lot of difference by the repetition that I put it in the last part of the music, and the flow of the music. Also, I listened to the melody using Pentatonic Scale, and most of the songs were a slow quiet music, but my last one was a cheerful music. I made a change there. The repetition that I put in made my music piece sounds way better. My last music piece did not have any repetition at all, which did not sound organised. Those changes that I made really affect the final music piece.

This is my new music piece using Pentatonic scale.

And this is my previous melody.

By comparing those two melodies, you clearly see that my second melody has improved a lot.

Illegal Download PSA

Design Brief:  I focused on Illegal Download of music and video.The problem that I noticed in YIS, especially high school students, is that many students are downloading many musics and videos illegally. The data that I collected by sending the survey to grade 9 students in YIS, I noticed 11 students out of 29 students who answered to my survey have downloaded other person’s product without any permissions. Also, the survey showed most of the students doesn’t know the consequences that you will have to face when you were found that you downloaded the videos and musics.

According to the RIAA, Recording Industry Association of America, the music industry is losing about $12.5 billion every year. This huge amount of money is affecting the creator’s and artist’s family, so as the 71,000 jobs that is involved. One of the article named ‘Chron’ states that losing the profits and the staffs are leaving the profit problems and the opportunities to recruit and develop new talents.

The site that talks about the Japanese law says consequences that you will have to face in Japan, when you are found by the police that you are illegally downloading are maximum of 3 years in prison and/or a fine of up to 3 million yen in Japan. Most of the students in YIS doesn’t know the consequences, and some students didn’t even know there will be a consequences.

It’s important to tell the students, especially high school students to let them know the illegal downloads of video and musics are same as stealing things. I want to tell the students how bad illegal download is, and how awful thing you have to face if you are caught. Most important thing that I will tell them to do is to stop downloading the movie and music illegally.

This is the design brief that I wrote for an Illegal Download PSA that I made in my Design class. I choose this issue, because when I took survey, many people in grade 9 have downloaded the music and video before by knowing it is against the law. From the answers that I got from grade 9s, I thought there are many high school students who does not to illegal download is against the law, and the consequences.

I faced a lot of difficulties throughout the process of creating it. However, by simplifying and using other props helped me a lot to make it successful. Being flexible about changing things were very important and required skill in this project, because I changed a lot of things from the production plan to make my final product even a better thing. It was very hard to plan a product that is perfect, because when we actually finish our product and watch it, it was unorganised and not as clear as I thought it would be.

Overall, I think I did well on this project, even though there are some parts that I could have done differently. If I could do this project again, I will plan my PSA more deeply, and think more about how the final product will going to look like.

Allez Viens! 2 Lison 2 – Activities

A. The title means how you could spend time in the city of art, Chartres. As you could imagine from the title, those brochures are introducing the city called Chartres, and it is showing the various tourist resorts, transportations and restaurants.

B. 1. La Passacaille – e. pizzeria

  1. Le Musée des Beaux-Arts –  d. peintures, sculptures, art
  2. Au Plaisir d’Offrir – c. cadeaux
  3. La Sellerie – b. cuisine traditionnelle
  4. Les Tours de La Cathédrale – a. les tours, découvrir

C. 1. Une Promenade Insolite

  1. La Maison Picassiette
  2. Le Centre International du Vitrail

D. 1. La Passacaille

  1. La Sellerie
  2. Yes, they are allowed
  3. Yes
  4. No, it won’t be open. Le Musée des Beaux-Arts is closed on Sunday and Tuesday.

E. 9:30 am – Les Tours de La Cathédrale

noon – Le Centre International du Vitrail

2:00 pm – La Maison Picassiette

5:00 pm – Une Promenade Insolite, Sans Fatigue

F. 1. Me voilà à la Sellerie. C’est la première fois que je mange la cuisine traditionnelle.

  1. Nous voilà Musée des Beaux-Arts. Héloïse regarde peintures.
  2. C’est Héloïse et moi devant la cathédrale. On va  prendre des photos.
  3. C’est moi au Plaisir d’Offrir. Si tu veux, on peut acheter des cadeaux.


Melody Using Pentatonic Major Scale

In music class, I first made a magazine that talks about five worlds’ music scale. From those five music scales that I researched about, I chosen one scale called “Pentatonic Major Scale” to compose a melody out of this scale. This scale has five tones per octave. Pentatonic scale is one of the most common music scales that could be found in all over the world. I is used in a lot of different cultural folk music, and the modern music such as Jazz and Rock, American Blues, and children’s’ song.

It was difficult to create a melody out of the limited amount of notes that are used in this scale. Last time I compose a melody,  we were allowed to use whatever notes we wanted to use, so it wasn’t that hard. However, as the number of notes that are available decreases, it gets harder and harder. This is how my melody sounds like. In my opinion, this melody using the pentatonic scale was pretty well done. I hope everyone will like my creation of the melody made by only using the notes in pentatonic scale.