Media Fair

In English class, we all chose a topic and made a poster on a unit on how the way information is presented can influence how we interpret it. . We had to choose 5 different text types and analyze it. For my poster I chose the Tokyo Olympics as a topic to research on. From my research I chose 3 negative sources and 2 positive sources on Japan hosting the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. This Media Fair was held during English class and we got to see the posters that the other classmates made which is all on a different topic.



Arunansu chose to do a poster on Apple vs The FBI. Arunansu chose to use a cartoon,Interview,News article,Letter and an informing video on a entertainment site. He explained about the incident where The FBI asked Apple for access to the iphone used by a criminal.  The interesting part of his poster was that he included an article showing the case being resolved.



Marlon chose to do a poster on Gun control. He used a meme,Visual ad,Video ad,Cartoon and an article. The aspect I found interesting was that he used a meme for one of his sources because that was an idea I didn’t have.



Cole chose to do a poster on Vaporwave. He used a parody video,Tutorial,Song lyrics,interview and a web article. The part that catched my eye was the interesting images he used for the background and also the layout was clear and easy to see.


Grade 10 field studies

I woke up. looked at the clock. 5:00am.

I went to the bathroom washed my face. My view was still blurry. Still half awake, I walked to the living room to eat breakfast.

5:10. Finished eating breakfast and finalized the packing.

5:30. Got out of my house and walked towards Ishikawacho station to met up with the “Ishikawacho squad”. It was still pitch black outside. It was hard to believe that it was already morning.

6:00Arrived at Ishikawacho station. Nobody was here.

6:02 One of the people in the “Ishikawacho squad” arrived

6:05.The meeting time. Another member of the Ishikawacho arrived having 3 members at Ishikawacho station. 2 people left.

6:11 the last 2 members arrived. 6 minutes late.  We hurried to the train to the official meeting point for the while grade.

After grouping with the whole grade, we took the bullet train and arrived at Okayama station. The train ride was very long but played games along the way.  After arriving at Okayama station, we had a short lunch break. We transferred to the Anpanman train after eating lunch heading to Ooboke station. The Anpanman train was filled with characters including Anpanman and other famous characters in the show.

When I arrived at Ooboke station, It felt refreshing and calm since it was very different compared to the busy place I  live in. The mountains that surrounded the place was beautiful and grand. A few minutes later, a bus arrived.We took a bus to the lodge we are planing to stay.

We arrived at the lodge. To be precise, a few meters away from the lodge. To go to the lodge, we needed to cross a huge bridge. While crossing the bridge, it shook at time to time which was pretty interesting. After crossing the bridge, we were handed the keys to the lodge. I opened the door to the lodge. It was bigger that expected and I was pretty amused.

On the 2nd day we hiked up Mt.Tsurugi. It was very tiring and it felt like we were never going to reach the top. However the view along the hike was beautiful with trees surrounding the place. During the hike, I played shiritori with my friends since I had nothing to do but walk. After arriving at the top we stayed at the lodge there. The room was only for 2 people so I stayed with one of my room members. The dinner there was amazing with traditional Japanese food.

The next day I woke up and went outside to see the sunrise. It was beautiful but I went back to the lodge since it was freezing outside. After eating breakfast, we hiked down the mountain for 6 hours which was very exhausting.

The following day, we  visited a soba workshop to make Soba by ourselves. It was a very fascinating experience because it was my first time making soba. After making the soba the ladies there prepared them for them and ate it. It was great.

This trip was amazing since I experienced many things that I would normally never do in my life. This trip was far more exciting and interesting than I imagined. This trip was the best field studies trip in my life.




World tonality 2

In music class, we made a 32 measure melody using a single scale which we investigated before making the melody. After getting feedback from others and reflecting not he piece itself, I made a second one which is a improved version of the 32 measure melody. I decided to make a completely new melody because I didn’t want to get influenced by my previous melody that I created.

For my improved 32 measure melody, I focused on the shape of the melody by creating a flowing contour. This means the the shape of the melody goes up and down smoothly making a frown or a smily face. In my improved melody, I started from the tonic of the scale which is something I kept the same from the previous melody.  Also something I improved from the previous melody is that for most of my measures, the notes move in steps meaning that the notes do not leap greatly but goes on to the next note. By improving and changing the structure of the melody, I think it sound much more organised than the previous melody I created.

This is the link to my new 32 measure melody:World tonality yudai 2



PSA Texting and walking


The problem I am planning to make my PSA on is texting and walking. Nowadays we see many people using their phone while walking and sometimes they are not aware of what is happening around them and end up in accidents and injuries . Scientists have found out that there are more injuries while texting and walking, per mile than a distracted driver. Tens and thousands of people are treated in Emergency rooms across the United States each year and 10% of that is said to be an accident involving phones.

Docomo has uploaded a computer simulation using 1500 people going across the Shibuya crossing on youtube. According to the simulation, only 36% of the people were able to make it to the other side because people will fall or bump into each other.Also there were 446 collisions, 103 cases of falling, 21 dropped phones In the simulation. Also It is assumed that people who text while walking have a range of vision one twentieth of a normal person, so they need to be 1.5 meters away from an obstacle to see the actual obstacle. Also in the simulation, it said that 1 in 5 people using their phone while walking get involved in an accident or gets injured. Looking at these results you can see that it is a very dangerous act to text and walk. I will design a PSA which will make people be aware of the dangers in texting and walking.

I sent out a survey to the class of 2018 asking if they text while walking,Have you ever bumped into someone while texting on your phone? and Do you think it is dangerous to use your phone while walking?Why?. I received 10 responses and 3/10 people answered that they text while walking. 3/10 people answered that they have bumped into someone while texting and the 3 people who text while walking all have experience bumping into someone while texting and walking.9/10 people answered that they think it is dangerous to text while walking. The reasons were all considering injuries that might happen while texting and walking.


This is my finished PSA

World Tonality

This is my 32 measure c blues scale

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 9.27.53 AM




To make my 32 measure melody, I chose to use the c blues scale. Before making the 32 measure melody, I made a music article investigating about different types of scales. From the magazine I chose to use the c blues scale. In my 32 measure melody, I used many 8th notes and I used some trills.  While making my melody, I struggled on making the ending measure because I had several options for the ending and it was really hard choosing one.

This is my 32 measure scale

32 measure scale

Short Story

In english class we made a short story and we read each others stories.

I read Carlo’s story which was addressing the issue “Peer Pressure”.

2 choices the artist made that helped me understand the story is the 7th panel in the first page where 3 of the main characters friends are forcing him to win in the river. The 2nd choice which helped me was the 3rd panel in the 2nd page where the characters peers are pressuring him by saying”Go!”,”Jump”.

Reading a graphic novel makes it easier to visualise the situation. Depending on the impression the image, it can change ht way we see and visualise the novel itself so a small change in the characters expression can make a big difference on the novel.

Educational Game

In Design class, we made an educational game for elementary students. The purpose of making this game was to teach something to the elementary students and help with their studies. The game is targeted to the 2nd graders.

This game is a success because in the survey that I used to collect data form the 2nd graders, they all answered that they learned something and that they enjoyed playing my game. This meets my design specification which is”The game has to be enjoyable”. Area for improvement for my game is making the game a bit more easier for the 2nd graders because 2 of the students who tested my game struggled and also I should add more sound to my game to make it interesting to play.


Final Music Performance Reflection

In music we did a 2nd performance for our music piece using chords. Reflecting on the first performance we made some changes to the music so the 2nd performance was greatly improved compared to the first performance.

Working in a group was tougher than I thought because not everyone will agree to your idea and not everyone can handle what other people want you to do in order to make the idea of that person successful. Some problems I encountered composing in a group is that some parts in the music piece were beyond the performer’s capability. For example the chords on the piano was too fast and complicated for the player so there needed to be some changes made. We dealt with those problems by making the part which was too hard into fewer notes so that the performer has a easier time performing. Good points about working in a group is that you can listen to other people’s opinion and come up with a better idea by using those ideas that came from other people.  During this project I learned how to play the drums because I was playing the rhythm. It was my first time playing the drums, which was a challenge for me because I had never tried playing the drums before. As I tried to practice playing the drums I realised that it was hard to match with the violin which was the melody so I thought of ways which the drums and the violin can sound well with each other. It was really hard to think of a way to make it blend with the other instruments and the genre of music itself  because I had no background knowledge about drums.

On our 2nd performance there was a big improvement to all the performers in skill and I think it all blended well with each other compared to the first performance which we all had difficulties with some parts.

Improvement on Performance

In music, we did a performance using different chords.

After performing, we got feedback from the audience and we listed 3 that we would use to improve on next time. The 3  that we chose were

  • Look confident
  • Don’t look at other performers
  • Look enthusiastic

We think we should work on our dynamics in the piece because we couldn’t really get the dynamics during the performance.  Also we think that we should put some high hats for the drum part because in the last performance, the drums only used the Bass drum and the Floor tom and that was a bit boring. For the Chords, we are thinking of making it simpler for the player because it was too hard for him and we are thinking of raising the volume for that because it was hard to hear it. There should be improvement on when to start because the base part started too early for the bass section. While performing, to look confident we think we should practice a lot to feel confident so that can lead to a performance where everyone looks confident. Looking confident can lead to not looking at other performers while performing. We think we can try to look enthusiastic by making sure everyone looks enthusiastic when practicing as part of the performance.